Connect First Inc. was founded in 2004 and is a privately held company based in Boulder, Colorado. Geoff Mina founded Connect First as a way to reshape the contact center culture around the primary mission of providing exceptional customer experiences. Those experiences are derived from a culture of integrity, passion, transparency and communication coupled with world-class, mature telecommunications software that is stable and effective. We define ourselves through our culture and our technology. Our leadership team guides each department to bring our customers the best experience possible. Click below to find out more:

Our Culture

What keeps us on track for taking insanely good care of our clients? It is all about the people! Our team is packed with highly creative, intelligent and compassionate nerds, cyclists, animal lovers, racecar drivers, musicians and much more.

Our Technology

Since 2004, Connect First has been innovating dependable and cost effective cloud-based contact center solutions. Our key strengths are service reliability, performance and scalability. We are fanatical about how our systems and networks are designed, managed and maintained, thus supporting 99.99% uptime year in and year out.

Our Leadership

Our team has over 50 years of experience in the contact center and technology industries leveraging that expertise to care for clients. We are ruthless in removing barriers to best-level service and that means constantly looking at our processes and pairing them with the needs of our clients. Humor and passion are core values at Connect First, and it is easy to see how much fun folks are having while they are creatively tackling complex telecommunications challenges.