Connect First Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Connect First Foundation is to make a positive difference in the Colorado Community, and to support the charitable passion projects of the organization, its customers, and its employees with all available resources.

The Connect First Foundation is committed to investing our time and resources to help develop and maintain economically vibrant and sustainable communities that are better places to live and do business. We honor that commitment by partnering with local organizations to support initiatives and programs that respond in a meaningful way to community needs and priorities. To create a greater impact, we utilize a combination of funding and volunteering, both addressing the needs of the local community and supporting the passion of our employees.
Our community commitment is shared across the organization. Through the Connect First Matching Gifts Program, employees are encouraged to make personal contributions to qualified organizations of their choosing. The Connect First Foundation provides a 100% match for all eligible contributions. In addition to our Matching Gifts Program, the Connect First Foundation encourages employees to volunteer by providing paid time off for all eligible volunteering activities.

In 2014, the Connect First Foundation will focus on areas of:

  • Housing: Creating affordable, stable housing and shelter for those in need.
  • Hunger: Supporting food access and hunger relief programs.
  • Health: Combating disabilities and disease.

Foundation funding is awarded throughout the year. All requests for community support for consideration by the Connect First Foundation must be submitted via email to with the subject as Community Support Request. Those requests meeting specific criteria, and which further our strategic goals and initiatives, will be considered for funding.

Our progress

Money Raised - $55,000
Hours Volunteered - 200 hrs.
Races Completed - 15 races
Morgan Adams Foundation -Race Against Kids Cancer

This event raises money and awareness on behalf of children affected with cancer. It is a fundraiser done through vintage car racing (multiple CF team members are vintage and endurance auto racers) that last year raised nearly $80,000. In addition to raising money, the fundraiser but also provides race car rides for cancer stricken children and gives them the opportunity to experience the thrill of motorsport.

Front Range HIppotherapy

The Connect First Foundation has also been a significant annual contributor to Front Range Hippotherapy. This organization provides physical therapy for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. This past year Connect First was a sponsor of the Annual Boulder Derby Party, where Front Range Hippotherapy raised money to help expand their facilities, feed their horses, and continue giving therapeutic services.

American Diabetes Association - Tour de Cure

The Tour de Cure is a cycling event held in 44 states nationwide that benefits the American Diabetes Association.  Last year over $26 million was raised from the national Tour.  This year the Connect First Foundation will be sending a team of cyclists to help out our friends in red.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Life Celebration Walk

In 2013 a Connect First sent a team to Denver to participate in the Celebration of Life Walk to promote awareness around finding a cure for breast cancer.