November 23,


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How Interactive Is Your Interactive Voice Response System?

An interactive voice response (IVR) software system should act like a sponge for “absorbing” customers over the phone. Just like a sponge is designed to absorb water, an IVR system needs to soak in customers when they dial into the contact center—accurately interpreting the reason for their call and sending them to the right extension […]

Is There Any Room for Fun In a Call Center?

What would you do if one of your employees started answering calls in a voice that sounded robotic? This was the case recently at the New York City Health Department when it discovered that one of its contact center agents was answering phone calls in a slow and overly enunciated manner. According to the employee, […]

This Fall, Vote for the Cloud in Your Contact Center

If your political organization hopes to accomplish its goals this election season, it must first reach voters. And if your contact center infrastructure is outdated, your group is going to have a very difficult time accomplishing this. So, this election season, your organization should vote in cloud technology that can actually make a big difference […]

Are There Monsters Lurking In Your Contact Center?

With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll see plenty of monsters creeping around town during the next few days. But the scariest ones might be inside your contact center, lurking within your very own network infrastructure. Unlike the hordes of revelers and trick-or-treaters, these ghouls won’t simply disappear November 1st; if you don’t do something […]
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