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Customer Service Lessons From Famous Americans

Ah, Independence Day: A glorious time to celebrate the important things in life like wiffleball, hamburgers and of course the fact that we’re not still paying taxes to the king of England. It’s also a great time to reflect on some of the famous individuals whose great ideas have helped shape our American identity. Here […]

Are You Enabling a Strong Customer Journey?

These days, you can’t even open your email or log onto the Web without running into something about the “customer journey.” It’s become one of the most popular phrases in customer service today. Just about every industry pundit is talking about the need to make customers feel like they are receiving first-class end-to-end support for […]

A Growing Need for Customer Service in the Financial Services Industry

Is there a strong need for customer service in the financial services industry where transactions are cut-and-dried? The answer is yes, a recent report from Accenture shows. “Customer expectations are shaping the future of banking in North America like never before,” the report reads. “Conditioned by service experiences with digital leaders in other industries, today’s […]

Avoid the Dark Side of the Customer Service ‘Force’

Think deeply, young padawan, about all of the painful customer service experiences you have encountered in your lifetime dealing with inefficient contact centers. Your patience has been tested while waiting endlessly on hold. Your fortitude has been strengthened while wandering through complex interactive voice response systems. And your bravery has been forged while arguing with Ferengi agents […]

Three Things the C-Suite Expects from a Contact Center

It’s been a long journey to get to this point in your career, but you’re finally at the helm of your customer outreach department. As the manager, you’re finally calling the shots and you hope to take your company’s customer service to new heights. Remember, however, that your supervisors will be checking in on your […]

Omni-Channel Servicing is a Requirement

There is a growing effort to build effective omni-channel contact centers to deliver consistently outstanding customer journeys for today’s consumers, who are demanding service in their channel of choice. The systems and tools available to enterprises have improved dramatically in the last few years, greatly improving an organization’s ability to deliver outstanding service in a […]

Is Your Contact Center Ready for Election Season 2016?

We may be about nine months away from the Iowa caucuses, but all signs indicate that presidential campaign for election season 2016 is already under way as politicians eye key battleground states and plan their strategies for influencing voters there. It’s early, but once February rolls around, momentum will pick up quickly. It’s not too […]

FCC Releases Fact Sheet on Proposed TCPA Rulings

On May 27, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a fact sheet that summarizes proposed TCPA rulings Chairman Wheeler has distributed to the other FCC commissioners. Although the fact sheet contains few substantive details— and the full text of the proposed rulings was not released— the rulings are intended to address two dozen pending TCPA […]

Lose Your Legacy Network and Find Real-Time Reporting

You clicked on this link expecting to read a regular blog post. But this is actually a specially targeted intervention aimed at shaking your addiction to your legacy network. The truth is that this talk has been coming for a long time. While the rest of the contact center industry has been steadily migrating central […]
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