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Use the Cloud to Expand Your Global Customer Service Footprint

Cultural and geographical anomalies among countries can make even the most basic function of a contact center, which is communication between agents and customers—difficult for global corporations to achieve. Language barriers, time zone restrictions and other road blocks can all prevent valuable customer experiences. When agents and customers can’t understand each other, it results in […]

Your Business Is Growing. Make Sure It’s In the Cloud

Right now, your business is small. But it’s growing. In fact, it has the potential to grow rapidly overnight. Does your company have the resources needed to allow for sudden and unexpected growth? Without the right technology, providing for hundreds—or thousands—of new customers is more than difficult. It’s just about impossible. That’s because new customers […]

How Interactive Is Your Interactive Voice Response System?

An interactive voice response (IVR) software system should act like a sponge for “absorbing” customers over the phone. Just like a sponge is designed to absorb water, an IVR system needs to soak in customers when they dial into the contact center—accurately interpreting the reason for their call and sending them to the right extension […]

Is There Any Room for Fun In a Call Center?

What would you do if one of your employees started answering calls in a voice that sounded robotic? This was the case recently at the New York City Health Department when it discovered that one of its contact center agents was answering phone calls in a slow and overly enunciated manner. According to the employee, […]
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