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What Comprises a Strong Customer Service Department?

Why is it that some organizations are notorious for having poor customer service while others consistently receive glowing reviews from consumers? Ultimately, it boils down to whether or not an organization decides to make strong customer service a priority—in the process, building a great reputation and earning customer loyalties—or let service flounder, relying instead on […]

The “Clarified” TCPA Rules

On July 10, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Declaratory Ruling and Order regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) in response to 21 petitions for TCPA clarification. This ruling followed a declaratory hearing held June 18, and, for the most part, became effective upon issuance. These “clarifications” triggered disagreement among […]

Hit the Reset Button in Your Contact Center

Your customer service department has fallen on hard times. If your contact center were a team in the National League Western Division, it would be in fifth place. Even our beloved last-place Colorado Rockies would have to make room for it! That’s because your profits are low and your expenses are high. It’s been this […]

Three Things to Look for in a Cloud Contact Center SLA

Partnering with a provider of cloud-based contact center infrastructure can feel a bit like buying or leasing a new car: Everything tends to go swimmingly until it’s time to sign a service-level agreement (SLA). Then, the sales associate unleashes a document longer than any textbook you had to read in college, full of important information […]

Be Afraid of New TCPA Rules. Be Very Afraid.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room in regard to your business’s illicit telemarketing practices. Should you actually fear the rules imparted by the Federal Communications Commission under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)? In short, you should. Here’s why: First and foremost, there are financial implications that you need to worry about. […]

Three Things You Can Do Instead of Playing Hold Music

Sitting through hold music while you wait for a customer service agent is usually a maddening process for a consumer. It’s time to accept that the practice of playing songs for your customers to ease their wait time, while a pleasant diversion, does not help alleviate their dissatisfaction with being kept on hold at all. […]

Don’t Let the Robot Revolution Consume Your Contact Center

Right now you’re under pressure to reduce call wait times in your contact center to decrease hang-up rates. And as a result of this pressure, all options for expediting customer interactions are on the table. Many of these solutions call for drastically reducing, or eliminating, voice interactions. One option, for instance, involves replacing contact center […]

Your IVR System Could Be Scaring Away Your Customers

Picture this: In the front of your building sits a horrible robot who, immediately upon greeting a customer proceeds to interrogate him or her with confusing questions. Behind this robot is a massive, confusing maze full of bottomless pits and dead ends which the robot must guide the customer to en route to your office. […]
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