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Is Your Contact Center Struggling to Stay in Compliance?

Recently, a major financial institution, Capital One, made headlines when it was caught placing debt collection calls to about 21 million cell phones without first obtaining necessary consent. Now, the company has agreed to a settlement of $75.5 million for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991. This more than doubles the previous […]

Tips for Hiring At-Home Agents

Employing at-home agents is a great way to reduce contact center costs. But before you hire a new fleet of these remote workers, first make sure your candidates can get the job done. Here are some criteria to consider during the interview process: Don’t judge agents by their in-house performance: You might come across a […]

Connect First Races to Cure Kids’ Cancer

Here at Connect First, we spend the majority of our time helping our customers overcome contact center inefficiencies. But recently, we had the opportunity to help support the efforts of workers in another cause entirely: fighting pediatric cancer. On August 13, in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, a not-for-profit club comprised of over 500 […]

It’s Back-to-School Season—Is Your Contact Center Keeping Up With the Rush?

So, you think the back-to-school shopping rush is over? Think again. According to a new report from Prosper Insights & Analytics, Monthly only 15.7 of consumers surveyed claimed that they were “totally finished” buying supplies. And 23.6 percent hadn’t even started yet. This means the back-to-school rush is still going strong. And as a contact […]

Which Contact Center Systems to Put in the Cloud?

The contact center technology landscape has changed. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to consider a cloud-based contact center solution, but rather which ones to move to (or implement in) the cloud. While there are many compelling business, technical, operational and financial reasons to place systems in the cloud, it’s practicality that […]

Don’t Let These CRM Problems Slow Your Contact Center Down

Each and every customer interaction that comes through your contact center must be analyzed, organized and utilized for success. But without a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution to oversee interactions in real time, this is just about impossible. Here are some of the biggest problems that many companies are currently experiencing with their CRM […]

What is Your Contact Center’s Competitive Differentiator?

There is perhaps no bigger battleground for winning over consumer respect and interest than in the contact center. In fact, 62 percent of organizations view the customer contact center experience as a competitive differentiator. The more your organization focuses on reaching out to customers and making sure they are satisfied, the more they will reward […]
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