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Three Things That Could Go Wrong If You Neglect the TCPA

Despite all of the recent attention surrounding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA)—that is, the law which protects consumers from unwanted solicitations in the form of text messages, automated dialers, prerecorded messages, and faxes— many contact center managers are still choosing to take a cavalier approach to TCPA regulations by being lax about […]

Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to TCPA in 2016

For many businesses today, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)—a law requiring consent prior to contacting customers—is taken more as a suggestion than a rule. If your business has been following this less official approach to the TCPA, understand that you need to change your ways heading into 2016, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) […]

Big Data: It’s A Big Deal

In a recent article, we explained how heading into 2016, Connect First will be advising its customers to focus less on new innovative solutions and more on well-tested, market-proven technologies for their businesses. With this in mind, there’s one thing that should be top of mind for business leaders as the year comes to a […]

Tips for Selecting a Cloud Contact Center Vendor

While ease of deployment, low upfront cost, reduced strain on internal IT resources, high scalability and redundancy continue to be the main factors driving organizations to migrate their in-house contact center systems to the cloud, companies considering making the switch should know that those aren’t the only reasons for selecting a particular cloud vendor. First […]

Operational Innovations, Designed to Support Customer Success

Operational Innovations, Designed to Support Customer Success Tis the season for contact center decision-makers to look toward 2016, to determine what technologies are coming down the pipeline in the New Year. While it’s impossible to say exactly what the future has in store for the ever-changing contact center space, we do know business leaders are […]

Beware Of A Multi-Vendor Customer Engagement Strategy

Forget tales about vampires, goblins, or ghouls. Here’s one spooky scenario that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of any customer service manager. We’re talking, of course, about vendor overload. Here’s what this entails: In an effort to streamline customer engagement processes—like phone support, email or live chat—and save costs, many contact centers […]

Money Alone Won’t Build A Better Contact Center

Money Alone Won’t Build A Better Contact Center, But It Sure Helps. Right now, many contact centers are in a similar predicament: They’re facing more pressure than ever to keep customers happy. Unfortunately, they’re also being deprived of the financial backing necessary to live up to their expectations. Let’s face it: It’s not always easy […]

Connect First: Evolving Towards Excellence

From our beginning in 2004, Connect First, a provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, made a commitment to you – our customers, partners, friends and family – to constantly strive for greatness. Now, 11 years later, we are cruising full speed ahead toward an even brighter future under the guiding hand of a new CEO, […]
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