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The Big Picture Approach to Great Customer Service

I recently had an experience that cleary demonstrated that when companies are attempting to build a great customer experience program, they often concentrate so much on the process that they forget to focus on the big picture. Most, if not all, companies have come to realize that with the advent of information overload, great customer […]

A Deeper Dive Into the NPS Score

A few weeks ago, we ran a post on how a Net Promoter Score (NPS) can help your business gain a better understanding of its overall customer satisfaction levels. As we discussed in the article, an NPS measures repeat customer loyalty by surveying customers and placing them into one of three categories depending on how […]

The Majority of IT Managers Now Believe in Cloud Technology

Adopting new infrastructure into your contact center can be a nerve-racking experience. Sometimes it’s better to wait until a technology moves out of its nascent stage before you give the green light to adopting it into your core network. Case in point, when the cloud was first introduced, many business leaders took this wait-and-see approach, […]

Did Winter Storm Juno Bury Your Business?

The folks in New England were beginning to think they’d actually make it out of winter without a major storm after getting through the first month of the season without much snow. Well, Mother Nature crushed their dreams of a mild season recently with a surprise attack: Winter Storm Juno. This monster weather event dumped […]

Acronyms Galore: What Ever Happened to ROI?

Is your low ASA rating and poor KPI causing you to rethink your B2C outreach strategy and invest in a CEM, CLI or ANI solution? Furthermore, is your head hurting from reading the prior sentence—nevermind the amount of acronyms that you constantly have to sort through in the contact center industry? Here at Connect First, […]

The NPS Score: A Great Way to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customers can ultimately be boiled down to two categories: They are either satisfied or dissatisfied. There is, however a wide spectrum of satisfaction that exists between these two poles. Your job as a customer service provider is to plot every customer on this spectrum in an effort to determine whether they will remain repeat customers. […]
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