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Think Your Business Is Too Big for a Cloud Contact Center?

While the rest of the business world is jumping head first into the cloud contact center market, you’re still on the sidelines assessing the situation. What’s holding you back is the concern that your enterprise is too large for a migration to the cloud, which you justify with worries about cloud capabilities for performance, scalability […]

Technology Will Not Improve Your Customer Service

That is a difficult statement to make, especially from someone who has been selling technology for more than 20 years. When I began my career, one of my mentors would often remark that automation will improve an already well run company or it will quickly uncover flaws in one with broken processes. Before you dismiss […]

Attend Our Webinar and Join the Fight for Better Customer Service

Take one look at DMG Consulting LLC’s recent report, “Enterprise Servicing Goals for 2015,” and you will see just how important it is to provide outstanding customer service in business today. According to the January 2015 survey, 55.3 percent of businesses claim that delivering an outstanding customer experience is their top enterprise servicing goal this […]

How Late Does Your Contact Center Stay Open?

Mary has an important question about her account and needs to speak to a representative in your business’s contact center—but not before 6 p.m. when she gets out of work. Unfortunately for Mary, your contact center closes its doors at 6 p.m. meaning she’ll have to wait another day. What is Mary to do in […]

Take One Giant Leap for Customer Service

The issue of mediocre customer service has been getting a lot of attention in the contact center industry during the past few months. As we discussed in a recent blog post, the customer service needle is stuck on mediocrity. It’s been this way for about 20 years now, despite the multitude of new customer relationship […]

NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Still Subject to Junk Fax Litigation

Last year, Buccaneers LP (Bucs) successfully obtained dismissal of a class action TCPA junk fax litigation case by making a full settlement offer to each of the named plaintiffs.  The district court held that, because the Bucs offered the maximum amount each plaintiff could recover for alleged TCPA violations before the plaintiffs tried to certify the lawsuit as a […]

Five Tips for Achieving HIPAA Compliance in Your Contact Center

As a provider of healthcare services, protecting your patients’ private information in your contact center is one of the most important responsibilities that you have. When customers submit personal information to your organization, like names, social security numbers and contact information, they do so trusting that you’ll enforce every possible safeguard to prevent the data […]

The Big Picture Approach to Great Customer Service

I recently had an experience that cleary demonstrated that when companies are attempting to build a great customer experience program, they often concentrate so much on the process that they forget to focus on the big picture. Most, if not all, companies have come to realize that with the advent of information overload, great customer […]
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