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Study Shows Demand for Cloud Vendors Is on the Rise

According to DMG Consulting’s “2013-2014 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report,” as of last year, 62 percent of organizations were already using cloud-based contact center solutions. And this number will continue to grow—by 27 percent in 2014, and by another 25 percent in 2015. Why are so many companies investing in the cloud for their […]

Debunking the Myth that the Cloud is Not Secure

Do you run and hide every time an associate suggests migrating your customer service platform to the cloud? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, 30 percent of companies report that security is the biggest pain point and roadblock to cloud adoption. Many executives are still under the impression that it’s safer to use legacy […]

The Cloud and its Impact on Core Competencies

I left commercial real estate in 2009 seeking a new career.  A friend of mine who knew that I was always a fan of the “Core Competency Philosophy” suggested I get into selling Cloud-Based contact center solutions. Despite coming from a real estate background and not understanding what call center technology was, I decided to […]

Keep Your Customers Cool as Temperatures Climb This Summer

Meet Bill. Bill is dialing into your contact center from his sweltering apartment, where it’s 95 degrees and climbing. He is unhappy about his service-related problem, and he is unhappy about the heat. And since Bill is already unhappy, your customer service agent is going to be at a disadvantage when receiving his call. Unfortunately, […]

These Colors Don’t Run … But Customers Do

This July, U.S. citizens from Afghanistan to San Diego will honor American independence by paying homage to the red, white and blue. And while it’s true our flag’s colors “don’t run,” the same cannot be said for customers dissatisfied with online retail purchasing processes. In fact, online cart abandonment is a major problem many companies […]

The Importance of Customer Onboarding

One of the primary responsibilities of our Ac­count Management team is Customer Onboarding. Customer Onboarding is the process of setting up our new and/or potential customer’s services once they have signed a contract. This is a critical step, as cus­tomers often don’t know how to configure things in a way to get the most of […]
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