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Customer Care & Company Culture

When I founded Connect First I wanted to start a company that provided a premier cloud contact center solution, but I also wanted to create an amazing work culture because in my mind, happy people meant happy customers. More than anything else, I wanted this company to provide the best service possible. Our original team ‘way back when’ were not only skilled in the development of cloud telephony – they were also well liked by the clients with whom they dealt. And even now, when we bring on someone new, we encourage not only fantastic customer support, but advise them (and our team) to foster relationships with current and future customers.

Part of achieving this is, of course, hiring friendly people – and people who relish doing a good job. But even the friendliest people can only do so much if their work environment is miserable – or even simply adequate. That’s why we do things for our people, such as unlimited paid time off, gym memberships, healthcare (and health insurance for their fuzzy four-pawed kids as well), and an all-around fun atmosphere to come in and work at. Some of our top values that you see not only in our products, but in our day to day operations are integrity, creativity and teamwork.

So we have friendly people. These people are happy. These people are charged with being loved by the client. Lo and behold – it turns out that our methodology works, and, indeed, we get almost daily confirmation that we offer the best service in the industry. It also turns out that our clients get to enjoy being ‘happiness adjacent’.

So whether you’re looking for a cloud routing solution, a hosted ACD, a Predictive Dialer, or a slew of other related technologies, you can be guaranteed of one thing that you will receive: a reliable solution, furthermore you will get a level of service that is rarely seen. I could put more in here about “best-of-breed” or some other marketing mumbo jumbo, but I’m not because I sincerely believe that if you choose Connect First, you will be happy with your choice.