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Floating on a Cloud

I am absolutely thrilled to be contributing to the Connect First blog, marking my return to covering a topic I feel intimately familiar with: the contact center industry.

Some of you might recognize my name from the five years I worked as an editor for Technology Marketing Corporation, where I covered the contact center technology space for TMCnet.com as well as Customer Interaction Solutions magazine (now Customer magazine). I also covered the call center space while working as managing editor of Multichannel Merchant (formerly Catalog Age).

In addition, in the 1980s and early 1990s I am proud to say… er, well sort of… that I worked as an outbound agent (I started in college and it became a second job, but I did it pretty consistently for about five years) doing mostly surveys and market research, but also some sales. Although that was back in the days of “just a cube and a phone”, I think it gave me a pretty solid understanding of how a call center operates — and invaluable experience in negotiating complex customer interactions.

Today, the contact center has grown to become one of the most important components of any customer-facing business: Some have likened it to a central hub of business intelligence. Driving that are the tremendous advancements in contact center technology during the past 30 years — both on the telephony side and the data side — not the least of which is the advent of cloud-based or hosted software. Indeed it continues to be an exciting time to be in the industry, as ongoing innovation continues to shape and refine the customer experience and create new opportunities.

Connecting with Connect First

What can I tell you about Connect First? I have been working with these guys for the past six months and I can tell you that they are profoundly passionate about their product and their customer support. This company is growing because it cares about the success of its customers. That’s a major reason why Connect First appears alongside other leading hosted contact center providers in industry research reports — it has emerged as an industry leader with a proven track record and high customer satisfaction.

Organizations are recognizing that the Connect First platform is a rock-solid reliable and “battle-tested” cloud solution — but at the same time Connect First continues to consistently refine and improve its features and capabilities, based on customer feedback. Because it is cloud-based, these improvements are rolled out seamlessly — there are no interruptions of service for the end user.

The Connect First team excels at assisting customers through the implementation process. They take a consultative approach with each client and together they strategically “design” the system that will best (or most cost effectively) meet the client’s needs.

From there, the Connect First technicians assist the customer through the integration process, which, thanks to the system’s open architecture and out-of-the-box integration with leading CRM and other systems, is fast and reliable.

But after the system is implemented, the Connect First team doesn’t just “go away.” The team offers ongoing training and support and makes sure the client is getting the most out of the system weeks and months after implementation. This is a company that truly prides itself on its support after set-up.

At the same time, the Connect First team recognizes that a “great product trumps all” — which is why it continuously strives to deliver the best cloud-based contact center system on the market. When organizations know they can rely on their cloud-based contact center system to do what it is supposed to do, it frees them up to focus on the goal of delivering superior service.

But what separates Connect First is that it never rests on its laurels. It’s goal is to make sure every customer gets the most out of the system, thus helping them achieve operational efficiencies and boost revenue. Because Connect First knows that when its customers succeed, it succeeds.

The handshake is where it all begins…


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