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Universities Get Smart: Cloud Contact Center Technology

Contact center solutions are a necessity for universities

Universities or other institutions of higher education need contact center solutions to cost effectively route and/or respond to inbound calls, place outbound calls for fundraising, student recruitment outreach and collections, as well as for proactively alerting and sending notifications to students and staff. In the old days, these institutions had to purchase one and frequently many automatic call distributors (ACDs), dialers and interactive voice response (IVR) systems to meet the needs of their decentralized departments and functions. (This is still how it’s done by many institutions.)

To support these solutions (and many others), universities have had to employ a large IT staff, who typically have little interest in maintaining contact center and dialer solutions. They’d much prefer to spend their time supporting new and exciting technology, not outdated telephony infrastructure. Adding to this challenge is that university benefactors are generally not interested in donating contact center systems, as this technology is not as glamorous as a chemistry lab or other physical infrastructure where donors can see their name on a building.

Contact center solutions are a necessity for universities, as they enable many important day-to-day business functions, but they receive little attention because they are not part of the institution’s core mission. For these and other reasons, cloud-based inbound and outbound contact center, dialer and IVR solutions are ideal for universities. Cloud-based contact center solutions are highly scalable, enabling institutions to cost effectively manage seasonal peaks for recruitment and fundraising. They can be deployed anywhere, including dorm rooms and on mobile devices, allowing institutions to more easily hire high-caliber staff on an as-needed basis. As importantly, IT support resources typically come with the solution, which is upgraded on an ongoing basis, giving universities access to leading-edge contact center, dialer and IVR functionality without ongoing and sometimes sizable capital outlays. For any educational institution dealing with an outdated, difficult-to-change and costly-to-maintain contact center system, it’s time to think about the hosting option.