The Importance of Vendor Values

Written by | Posted in Articles | Date: 2.11.2014

Customer service is more important now than ever. An estimated 83 billion dollars is lost annually to U.S. businesses due to poor customer service, and on average more consumers tell those in their network about bad experiences with a company than good ones. The empirical evidence is overwhelming: 20% of consumer’s left a regular service provider due to poor customer service in 2012. 55% backed out of a transaction or …Read more

Cloud Systems Adapt Quickly to Change

Written by | Posted in Articles | Date: 1.16.2014

Geoff Mina, Connect First – As the CEO and founder of Connect First, a software company that services contact centers, I am excited (and a bit biased) about the mainstream adoption of cloud technology. In the last 3.5 years, there has been significant change to cloud infrastructure as well as the adoption rates in call centers. The software architect in me wants to take a moment to think about these …Read more

Cost Comparison: Cloud Based vs. On Premise Platforms

Written by | Posted in Articles | Date: 1.28.2013

Cost Comparison: Connect First’s SaaS “Cloud-Based” Call Center vs. On-Premise Call Center Platforms When a company is faced with the critical decision of choosing the platform on which to base its call center operations, it must confront a new set of options. On one hand, there is the traditional on-premise, equipment based model. On the other hand, there is the emerging platform which is hosted or managed in the cloud. Typically, …Read more

An On-Demand Call Center Solution

Written by | Posted in Articles | Date: 7.6.2012

Currently, one of the fastest growing trends for contact centers and outsourced contact centers is to move away from costly equipment based, premise based call center platforms and to move to more versatile, ‘on demand‘ virtual call center platforms.  Companies that have moved to or are using a virtual call center platform in some capacity include:, AMD, Vonage,, Hilton Grand Vacations, Kodak, American Express and many others.  Why is …Read more

Benefits of Cloud Routing

Written by | Posted in Articles | Date: 3.6.2012

An increasing number of contact centers are utilizing, and/or becoming part of a versatile hosted (cloud based) solution known as Cloud Routing. Campaigns or call volume may dictate that Centers with multiple locations, or several independent centers be made available as a cohesive pool to handle thousands of calls on a permanent basis, or due to media schedule, or even seasonal demand. Cloud Routing, in simple terms, refers to a unified …Read more

The Maturity of Hosting

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Ok.. let’s talk about the cloud.   Before we get started, I’m going to use some terms interchangeably – Hosting or Hosted and The Cloud.  The way these things are defined, The Cloud is a subset of hosting.  For the purposes of this article, all Cloud is hosting, but not all hosting is The Cloud.  In general, I’ll use the terms interchangeably.  If I need to draw a distinction, I’ll be …Read more

Top 5 Reasons Contact Centers are Moving to Cloud-Based Call Center Platforms

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Call centers worldwide are moving to SaaS (hosted) call center platforms at a rapid pace.  Some studies have predicted that up to 70% of contact centers will be using a hosted platform by 2014.  Why are so many companies moving away from owning and managing equipment onsite and moving to “The Cloud”?  Below are the top five reasons. Versatility/Scalability Hosted platforms provide a universal call center solution that unites multiple centers and …Read more