How Many Calls Does it Take to Resolve Conflicts?

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 4.23.2014

How Many Calls Does it Take to Resolve Conflicts in Your Data Center? Recently, MultichannelMerchant released a compelling study that shows the growing importance of first call resolution in the customer contact center. According to the report, which also lists service level and customer service scores as critical metrics, first call resolution rate was listed by 35.5 percent of executives as the most important contact center measurement. As Founder of …Read more

Reflections in the Cloud

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 4.22.2014

By Nick Deininger I was 11 when my family bought our subscription to America On-Line, then promising to be the world’s foremost resource for all things Information Superhighway (Thank Gore for that one). I remember how happy I was to see the icons on the screen letting you know where you were in the dial-up process. The sounds of the modem in that all too horrifyingly haunting series of beeps …Read more

In Business, There’s No Substitute for Face-to-Face Interactions

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 4.14.2014

Choosing a vendor is an important decision—and not something you want to rush into. You want to make sure that you’re in good hands, and that you feel great about doing business with the company that you select. The goal is to foster a trusting, long-lasting relationship instead of one that will fizzle out after a few months. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world this is often difficult to accomplish—especially when …Read more

Double the Size of Your SMB with a Hosted Cloud Model

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 4.9.2014

As an SMB, you are often stuck between a rock and hard place as you try to expand your operation and accommodate all of your customers with limited resources. You need a solution that will let you stretch your budget and give you the capabilities of a much larger corporation. A hosted cloud platform is your ticket to expanding your operation in a cost-effective way. That’s because a hosted platform …Read more

How Deep is Your Customer Service Bullpen?

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.31.2014

Baseball is back, and that means managers across the country are taking a hard look at their squads and asking the same question: How deep is my bullpen? Is it strong enough to carry my team deep into October? A cloud-based communications platform is a lot like a bullpen in the sense that it helps provide essential support for call center agents. And just like a bullpen needs to be …Read more

It’s Time for Contact Center Spring Cleaning

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.28.2014

Is your enterprise just waking up after a long winter’s nap? Now that we have finally turned the corner into spring it’s time to break out the scrub brushes and brooms and implement some fresh changes in your customer contact center. Here are three key questions that you should ask as you look for ways to improve your customer outreach program: Do I have the right tools to reach my …Read more

Have No Fear of a Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.26.2014

Your customer contact center has all the ability to make a serious financial impact for your enterprise. But there is only one thing that is holding you back from turning it into a dynamic, revenue-driving solution, which is your reluctance to trust the cloud. Consider this: Your business uses the cloud every day. Every time you log into your email, browse YouTube or dial out from your mobile device, you …Read more

Call Center Bringing You Down? Try a Hosted Solution

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.21.2014

Is Your Call Center Machinery Bringing You Down? Take a Load Off and Try a Hosted Solution Providing stellar customer service today is a lot like opening your house up to guests. You want your guests to come inside, have a great conversation, feel good about the environment and leave wanting to come back again. But what if your friends come over to find the door locked and leave after …Read more

Takeaways from DMG’s Cloud-Based Contact Center Report

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.19.2014

Key Takeaways from DMG’s 2013-14 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report Right now, IT executives around the world are weighing in on whether now is the right time to adopt cloud technology in the contact center. And as industry pundit DMG Consulting recently demonstrated in its 2013-14 “Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report,” the timing couldn’t be better as we are in the middle of a great cloud migration. As …Read more

The Evolution of the 21st Century Customer

Written by | Posted in Blog | Date: 3.17.2014

The great American humorist Arnold H. Glasow once claimed that the problem with the future is that it arrives before we are ready for it. This is especially true in the enterprise contact center space, where customer service has rapidly become one of the most important factors affecting both ROI and retention. Unfortunately, many companies are still stuck in the past. That’s because customer service used to be an afterthought …Read more