Custom Cloud Integration Strategies

Connect First offers a multitude of integration options to support its current platforms.  Each customer environment is considered on a case-by-case basis to determine the best approach.  If customization is necessary, our engineers will work to ensure seamless integration with your current technologies.  Hooks and controls are currently built into the platform at various levels to ensure a tight integration.

Semi-Real Time HTTP/SOAP

HTTP/SOAP services in semi real-time offer call control functionality.  This approach is often used by an integrated client to perform hold/hang-up/transfer type functionality.


HTTP/SOAP services that can feed data from Connect First to the customer in real-time. This approach is common to feed real-time data updates to a customer’s CRM.


Client side JavaScript that is integrated directly into the agent user interface that allows a customer to embed the Connect First Agent UI into their application for full call control.


CSTA access into the Connect First softswitch.







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