Customer Service

The Connect First platform for Customer Service teams provides all of the necessary functionality to enable your team.  From key reports for the management team to an intuitive dashboard for agents with integrations to your CRM – our cloud platform will help you elevate your business to create an unstoppable customer service team.

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Sales & Marketing

Connect First’s contact center solutions for Sales & Marketing teams brings together the best features for finding new leads and delivering improved results on campaigns. You will be able to streamline your process with enhanced efficiencies that allow you to capture new lead information quickly. In addition, you can easily create and modify campaigns and scripts. You will also get deep visibility into all aspects of sales and lead generation activities with the reporting capabilities built into the suite.

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Being in an industry where confidential transactions take place every second online or over the phone, it is pertinent to have a system in place not only to ensure a quality connection to your customers, but also a secure one.  From banking to collections to financial advisors and mortgage, supporting the finance industry’s  many day to day activities is critical – so why not make it easy with our contact center software?

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Provide the most innovative and flexible solution to your clients with the Connect First’s solutions for BPOs. As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization, it is necessary to make your organization responsive to fast changing market conditions and to be scalable for business fluctuations. Because Connect First is a cloud-based solution, outsourcers can scale up or down on a monthly basis, ensuring that you are never paying for more than you use. Cloud-based BPO solutions can help you keep your clients happy with flexible staffing and technology options.

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Delivering exceptional technical support is a necessity in this day and age. Customer experiences can be the deciding factors between two competing companies. Quick response times as well as efficient resolution times can save a call center both problems and money. Of absolute importance is dependable uptime of the call center solution.

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Your business relies on the charitable contribution or volunteer efforts from individuals who believe in your cause.  While technology has made it possible to connect in many ways, donors increasingly still want to be able to speak with a person at your organization over the phone.  Connect First has spent years working with large non-profit organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Wounded Warrior Project, and ASPCA.

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Contact Center Startup

Agile Integrations

Each unique environment demands a unique approach to integration. Working directly with customers, we will leverage proven, custom-designed integration tools to seamlessly integrate your environment with cutting-edge hosted call center capabilities.

99.99% Uptime

Service Reliability

Our key strengths are service reliability, and performance. We are fanatical about how our systems and networks are designed, managed and maintained; thus we are able to support greater than 99.99% uptime year over year.


24/7 Support

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus at Connect First. Each relationship is a consultancy, leveraging Connect First expertise to guide the selection and integration of all solutions. Industry-leading SLAs ensure optimal performance and questions are always answered by our top engineers.

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