Managed Cloud Support for Cloud Routing

Connect First is pleased to offer ConnectCare® Managed Cloud Support. ConnectCare® is a subscription service where you have access to specially trained support staff that will assist in setting up and managing your Cloud Routing campaigns. Cloud Routing customers that choose this service option will no longer need to spend time setting up cloud campaigns, creating cloud destinations or setting up routing rules; our specialists will do all of that for them.

How ConnectCare® can help streamline your business needs:

Connect First’s ConnectCare® Managed Cloud Support is designed for our customers who need an extra hand to administer the CCI platform. If after your initial training on the CCI platform you find yourself needing to focus on the core competencies of your business and would prefer to leave the management of your call routing to an expert team, ConnectCare® Managed Cloud Support may be for you. ConnectCare® Managed Cloud Support gives you access to a CCI administrator without the overhead of a full time employee.

The subscription includes the following services, performed by a ConnectCare® Specialist:

  • Setup new Cloud Profiles as needed
  • Setup Cloud Destinations and assign them to Cloud Profiles
  • Configure DNIS Overrides for Destinations as needed
  • Work with your Destination Contact Centers to ensure proper routing of your calls
  • Evaluate Profile performance monthly to ensure configuration is still performing as desired
  • Setup standard Cloud Reports on a schedule to be automatically delivered to your Inbox
  • Manage your CCI Centralized Data repository
  • Setup a CCI Centralized Data repository if desired
  • Configure CCI Centralized Datasets
  • Work with your Destination Contact Centers to feed their data into the repository
  • Configure CCI Centralized Data Exports
  • Configure CCI Centralized Data Reports
  • Monitor CCI Centralized Data Imported Files
  • Review unmatched rows and report reasons to designated contacts