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Connect First Customer Support for Contact Centers

We create an on-going consultative partnership with you. Through a combination of solid knowledge of the capabilities of our products and constantly inquiring about your evolving business needs, we build trust with each and every one of our clients. We become naturally aligned with our customers and consistently put ourselves in an excellent position to produce successful results.

Passionate Problem-Solvers

We are passionate about helping our customers.  We will do the necessary legwork, research, and collaboration in order to provide the best resolution to our customers’ unique situations.

100% In-House

All of our support is in-house.  We think that the best way to help customers is not to outsource our technical support, but to keep it here in Colorado.

Available 24/7

Everything nowadays runs 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We thought that if your center is open that much – we should be too.  We never stop supporting our clients even if it’s 3 AM.

Speed + Accuracy

All teams at Connect First work together to find the best and quickest resolution possible.  Our culture has fostered open pathways between teams allowing us to cut through any red tape and get to the root of an issue.

Innovative Thinkers

Innovation is celebrated not diminished at Connect First.  Our entire company is comprised of individuals who bring a new perspective to solving customer challenges.  If an unique issue arises, we look for the best solution possible; even if it’s “not the way it’s done.”

Diverse Collaboration

All of us at Connect First bring different skill sets to the table to quickly and efficiently assist our customers. Our fun, interpersonal environment, allows for seamless collaboration across teams and various departments allowing for a quick resolution to high impact issues.
Dedicated-Account-Manager. Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

Dedicated Account Manager

Every one of our customers has a dedicated account manager.  They are there to help you with on-boarding, implementation, and beyond.  Your dedicated account manager becomes your best friend and advocate within the company.

Regular Agile Releases

Every 4 weeks we release updates and new features to our system.  Technology is changing so rapidly, that to help our customers keep a technological advantage, we need to keep regular releases in place.
  • Our experience with Connect First has been nothing short of fantastic, from pre-implementation to the on-boarding process to on-going support; it all has been top-notch.

    Ayal Latza2b Fulfillment
  • Reporting is an important task in our industry and we can now report on more and in more depth that we could with our previous system.  Our turnaround time on reporting is far more efficient, robust and detailed.

    Scott SwansonSynergixx
  • Connect First has been extremely responsive, making our project a priority to ensure we had no downtime in production and could enjoy the benefits of the new dialer right away.

    Richard BrashearLee Enterprises
  • They’re a great company, growing, very fair, very transparent, debt free, and smaller, so they can move a little faster than others. My only question is: why didn’t I do this years ago?

    Greg CogenRoute2Cloud.com
  • The Connect First user interface is amazing, one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time. It is intuitive and user friendly and completely eliminated any learning curve.

    Ryan MayerNutricap Labs
  • Our dial rate has tripled from what it was prior to Connect First. And, you can tell the product was built with integrations in mind.

    Alex LevyCollegebound Network
  • There are three things that we immediately experience with this platform: First, the uptime and not having the outages we were experiencing.  Second, we can make the changes to the interface the way we want to make them.  And third, there is a considerable benefit in the time and money saved in the way we can now do things.  Many processes are now automated so we can focus on priority number one – driving revenues.

    Ryan MayerNutricap Labs
  • Connect First filled in the gaps to make it happen in a very short time frame.  The deployment only took a few weeks and allowed us to expand our service offering, which results in a better solution for our clients.

    Ayal Latza2b Fulfillment
  • The sales, support, and service after call with Connect First is impeccable and is unmatched in this industry. The bang for the buck on this one was pretty strong, and definitely stronger than the others we had considered. We definitely made the right decision.

    Richard BrashearLee Enterprises
  • Reporting is an important task in our industry and we can now report on more and in more depth that we could with our previous system.  Our turnaround time on reporting is far more efficient, robust and detailed.

    Scott SwansonSynergixx
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