The Connect First platform was specifically built to be hosted, creating unlimited scalability for your organization. Without traditional functional limitations to deal with, we enable you to grow how you need and when you need, leveraging our technologies for your benefit and cost saving.

The shared architecture of the Connect First platform is run on commodity hardware and open source solutions to maximize uptime and the resiliency of the network. Redundancy is built in at the network level, and there is no legacy hardware in this all-VoIP environment. Customers can never overload any piece of hardware since it is not tied to the number of sessions and special events that require scaling; this can be supported in a matter of hours.

Commended for our outstanding audio quality, the Connect First platform is built for the end-user. We only use Tier 1 carriers for our browser-based platform. Call centers simply need a PC with a flash player and a softphone, IP phone or PBX phone to launch the Connect First call center platform. Our commitment to our customers is the Connect First platform will fit in any call center infrastructure at a minimal upfront cost.

The Connect First agent interface is easy to launch and use, designed for the active call center environment. Set up takes 1 -1 ½ minutes for a new agent through the administrative tool, selecting the elements the agent will have access to. A wizard is available for set up, although the process rarely requires the use of the Connect First wizard.
Easily set up your queue with the option to select from our library of hold music or upload your own unique message. Need to whisper to agents when on a call? This tool can be automated through the administrator interface.
 Queue Events
Seeking the power to control how calls are handled before or after they enter the queue? With Connect First, you can set the maximum queue events, identify problem callers and set parameters. You determine the event and what will happen with each call as it enters the queue. This level of control ensures you can optimize every customer experience, driving the expected Quality of Service (QoS).
The message your agents portray while on a call greatly impacts the outcome of that call. With our Scripting Engine, you decide what caller responses lead to specific agents. As a result, the agent taking the call has immediate access to the right information to resolve the customer issue or complete the sale. This powerful platform will also allow headers or element IDs so you can easily run reports to capture business data.
The outbound approach with the Connect First hosted call center platform is simplified to ensure your agents can launch a call quickly. Once a number is dialed, the agent is logged into the campaign. And, because our platform is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) URI, your agents have a direct address to a softphone, ensuring they can login from any location.

The Connect First outbound platform allows your hosted call center managers to easily monitor agent activities and assist where necessary. Campaigns are easily scrubbed against Do Not Call lists, and prioritized according to your corporate strategy. With the SOAP protocol, data is automatically transferred into any SOAP-enabled platform to leverage full business intelligence capabilities.

Connect First also provides for a complete blended multi-media environment, enabling your agents to multi-task according to your channels and your expectations.