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Gain total control over your inbound call flow with the Inbound Call Routing Platform. Key features such as skills-based agent selections, flexible scheduling, and our proprietary QueueFlow routing engine ensure you can easily route calls to follow your exact specifications. Our management platform allows you to easily manage and monitor your contact center from anywhere in the world with just a browser and an Internet connection.

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You can drive greater satisfaction and reduce costs with a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. We can provide you with a best practices approach to IVR, guiding callers according to predetermined options and call tones. For more complex IVR, we’ll work directly with your development team to ensure that they match your customer service goals.

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Our outbound dialer ensures you get all the benefits of the on-premise dialer, eliminating the delays, headaches, and costs. Once your agents log on, they can immediately begin connecting with live customers answering their calls.

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Cloud Routing

With our unique Cloud Routing functionality, you can easily manage spikes in your call volume, business continuity, and load balancing. Cloud Routing enables effective management and distribution of call traffic through multiple destinations according to your preferences.

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If you need the ability to dial cell phone numbers without worrying about TCPA compliance, you can request to have a new account created that has no “capacity” for predictive/preview dialing. This account uses a new outbound architecture that does not have access to Predictive, Preview, or Power Dialing. List-loading and Campaign Management for this mode are almost identical to our normal preview dialer, but are completely separate from the original platform making it a safe application.

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Our platform delivers hundreds of detailed “out of the box” reports, including inbound/outbound reports, agent reports, survey reports, and more. These reports are invaluable for driving agent performance, as well as making timely business decisions based on changes in customer behavior. The system’s report scheduler allows for recurring reports to run weekly, daily, hourly, etc.

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Real-Time Analytics

The efficient and effective management of your contact center operations rely on access to real-time streaming data. Design your strategies to enable your agents to respond instantly to client demands with informative and intuitive real-time statistics. Fully-integrated remote call monitoring and visual alerting ensures you achieve the highest possible level of call center quality assurance and customer service.

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Call Tracking

Realizing a strong ROI on contact center campaigns is always a challenge. Call Tracking allows you to capture vital statistics and contact center metrics so you can maximize your advertising dollars and telemarketing strategies. Need more advanced call flow functionality? Our team of expert engineers can design a low cost IVR solution to meet your needs.

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Contact Center Startup

Agile Integrations

Each unique environment demands a unique approach to integration. Working directly with customers, we will leverage proven, custom-designed integration tools to seamlessly integrate your environment with cutting-edge hosted call center capabilities.

99.99% Uptime

Service Reliability

Our key strengths are service reliability and performance. We are fanatical about how our systems and networks are designed, managed, and maintained; thus we are able to support greater than 99.99% uptime year over year.


24/7 Support

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus at Connect First. Each relationship is a consultancy, leveraging Connect First expertise to guide the selection and integration of all solutions. Industry-leading SLAs ensure optimal performance and questions are always answered by our top engineers.

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