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Drive greater customer satisfaction with self-service applications
In a market complete with the consumer bent on self-service, you can drive greater satisfaction and reduce costs with a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. Common questions and standard processes can easily be handled by a robust IVR solution either customized for your needs or standardized for basic calling requirements. We can provide you with a best practices approach to IVR, guiding callers according to predetermined options and call tones. For more complex IVR requirements, we offer full service IVR programming, allowing for the development of a complex IVR interface ensuring it matches your customer service goals. When developing your unique experience, we’ll guide you on what should be available as a self-service option and what live operators should always handle.
Our team came from several IVR companies. An over-simplification would be to say that our cloud platform is a highly complex and tightly integrated IVR system. Our expertise goes back to the late 1980s, when the very first systems were being developed. Over this period we have learned as much as anyone about the proper ways to build IVR applications, streamline scripting and making sure nobody feels like they’ve been dropped into a Voicemail Jail.  Our IVR technology is built in-house and is a functioning part of our cloud-based infrastructure ensuring that the IVR application integrates seamlessly with the entire cloud platform.
  • Geographic Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Custom Audio
  • Custom Ring Tones
  • Real-Time Reverse Match
  • Real-Time SOAP/Web Service Data Transfers
  • Integrated Voicemails
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Call Tracking


  • Salesforce
  • Limelight


  • AC2
  • Pipkins.
  • Aspect


  • Orderlogix
  • Custom Cloud APIs
  • Any HTTP-based survey/VOC solution
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