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Real-Time Call Center Analytics

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Real-Time data ensures instant  response
The efficient and effective management of your contact center operations rely on access to real-time streaming data. Design your strategies to enable your agents to respond instantly to client demands with informative and intuitive real-time statistics. Fully-integrated remote call monitoring and visual alerting ensures you achieve the highest possible level of contact center quality assurance and customer service. The cloud real-time analytics engine enables unsurpassed remote monitoring for real-time data capture.
Remote Monitoring

Gain a snapshot view of all inbound queues to quickly assess the number of calls in the queue, the maximum hold time, and the number of call center agents currently available to handle inbound phone calls.


Clear visibility is enabled of all call center agents working any telemarketing campaign. Current data performance is broken down by call result categories.


Quickly monitor the state of all logged on agents, gaining information on current log on session, calls handled, work time, RNAs, and more. Phone monitoring sessions and real-time chat are easily initiated.

Cloud Routing

Actively monitor spikes in your campaign and gain clear visibility so you can know when to scale up or scale down.

Chat Queue

View all of the chat queues to quickly assess the number of “callers” in the queue, available agents, wait time and more.



  • Salesforce
  • Limelight


  • AC2
  • Pipkins
  • Aspect


  • Orderlogix
  • Custom Cloud APIs
  • Any HTTP-based survey/VOC solution
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