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Call Center Reporting Software

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Make timely business decisions with key reports & analytics
Connect First’s cloud contact center platform delivers hundreds of detailed “out of the box” reports including inbound/outbound reports, agent reports, survey reports, and more; and each report contains dozens of sub-reports. These reports are invaluable for driving agent performance, as well as making timely business decisions based on changes in customer behavior. The system’s report scheduler allows supervisors to schedule reports to run when they want – weekly, daily, hourly, etc. In addition, reports can be automatically emailed to supervisors, managers and upper management.
Call Detail Record (CDR) tools provide all standard contact center reports although customized reports can be added by our engineers and placed within your available tools. These detailed reports capture all call records and break this data down into various modules of the cloud platform, including Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Tracking, Agent, and Administration. Each module offers a rich suite of sub-reports, allowing you to view your call detail records and other data in formats that are logical, intuitive, and usable.
  • Inbound CDR Reporting
  • Outbound CDR Reporting
  • Online Call Detail Records
  • Monthly/Daily/Hourly Rollup
  • Statistical Reports
  • Agent Reports
  • Tracking Reports


  • Salesforce
  • Limelight


  • Aspect
  • AC2
  • Pipkins


  • Orderlogix
  • Custom Cloud APIs
  • Any HTTP-based survey/VOC solution
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