Our experience with Connect First has been nothing short of fantastic, from pre-implementation to the on-boarding process to on-going support; it all has been top-notch. We are very, very happy.

Ayal Latz, a2b Fulfillment

Connect First's cloud contact center platform delivers hundreds of detailed “out of the box” reports including inbound/outbound reports, agent reports, survey reports and more; and each report contains dozens of sub-reports. These reports are invaluable for driving agent performance, as well as making timely business decisions based on changes in customer behavior. The system's report scheduler allows supervisors to schedule reports to run when they want – weekly, daily, hourly, etc. In addition reports can be automatically emailed to supervisors, managers and upper management.

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Connect First CDR Tools provide all standard contact center reports, although customized reports can be added by our engineers and placed within your available tools. These detailed reports capture all call records and break this data down into various modules of the Connect First platform, including Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Tracking, Agent and Administration. Each module offers a rich suite of sub-reports, allowing you to view your call detail records and other data in formats that are logical, intuitive and usable.

Key Call Detail Record (CDR) Reports

Inbound and Outbound CDR Reporting Call detail records available on-demand in the output format best suited to your needs.
Online Call Detail Records View call records through our intuitive Web interface. The Connect First platform allows you to make notes pertaining to the call and listen to call recordings all within the interface.
Monthly/Daily/Hourly Rollup Design rollup groups for call detail records according to your viewing needs.
Inbound Statistical Reports Gain access to inbound contact center performance at a glance. The administrative overview shows calls presented, accepted, abandoned, and average talk time and average queue times.
Outbound Statistical Reports Outbound contact center performance available at a glance. Gain access to detailed reports on dials per hour, connect rates, dispositions breakdowns, and call center agent efficiency ratings.
Agent Reports Guarantee highest levels of call center quality assurance with call recording.
Tracking Reports Real-time visibility into inbound phone call originations and outbound phone call destinations.

Lee Enterprises: Choosing a Dialer

Lee Enterprises was on a strong growth path, challenging Richard Brashear, Director of Sales and Marketing, to seek out a new dialer. The company's call center was rapidly expanding and the need to scale calling efforts nationwide became prominent. As each market was its own campaign, trying to manage, monitor, record and even barge in on calls was increasingly cumbersome, limiting their ability to optimize each campaign.

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Solution Brief: Outbound/Inbound Contact Center Productivity Tools

Reporting in the contact center is critical to measure performance against expectations. The Connect First cloudbased contact center platform integrates extensive Detail Data Reporting to support these initiatives and provide a clear picture of historical and current activity in real-time.

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White Paper: The Growing Importance of Contact Center Reporting

As the contact center continues its evolution from “cost center” to “central hub of business intelligence,” contact center reporting has become an increasingly important aspect of business operations. While reporting has always played an important role in the contact center, over the years the addition of new technologies and channels has greatly increased contact center complexity. For this reason, organizations are more reliant than ever on reporting to help them gain a clear picture of not only agent performance but also customer satisfaction.

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