Too many vendors are selling all the sizzle and none of the steak. With Connect First, we got exactly what we were sold and we're very pleased with the results. Working with Connect First has been nothing short of a pleasure.

Scott Swanson, Synergixx

The OnQ Live Agent Chat offering enables effective and efficient connections across multiple communications channels. Connect First has re-engineered the standard approach to Chat, creating a dialogue opportunity that follows the flow of a natural conversation. With Chat enabled on your platform, customers receive superior individualized information with a reduction in wait times and exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE).

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Consumers today are searching for ways to enable self-service, without complicating their interactions. With Connect First OnQ Live Agent Chat, customers can easily interact with the cloud-based contact center through the website. Simply click on the chat option and the “caller” is put into the queue. The first available agent will take the “call” and interact with the customer, providing the necessary information or assistance.

OnQ Live Agent Chat Benefits

  • Decreased Response Times: Allows for interactions in real-time, increasing contact center and agent efficiency.
  • Decreased Total Chat Length: Real-time conversations ensure faster resolution for any customer issue or request. Agents can quickly identify the source of the customer contact, and provide rapid resolution.
  • Reduced Agent Requirements: As more agents can handle more customer chat interactions contact center efficiency improves.

Key Chat Features

Skills-Based Routing Contact centers can route chat conversations easily to the most qualified agent available to handle the interaction. With advanced integration capabilities, a single agent can handle several chats at once.
Real-Time Monitoring All chat interactions can be monitored and stored for training, quality and compliance purposes.
Historical Reporting Past activities are stored and overview and detail reporting is available.
Superior Individualized Information Chat interactions are as simple or complex as necessary according to the needs of the customer. Individualized attention and information is provided based on the requests expressed in the interaction.
Seamless Blending The Connect First OnQ Live Agent Chat can be blended with other contact queues, and each agent can be configured to handle as many or as few concurrent contacts as a supervisor sees fit.

a2b Fulfillment: Choosing the Hosted Solution

a2b Fulfillment is a Greensboro, Georgia-based 3rd party logistics firm that provides services such as warehousing, pick-pack-ship, order fulfillment and inbound call handling. The company's 180,000 square-foot facility is equipped with the latest distribution technology; additionally, their equipment and personnel allow them to tackle even the most complex of functions within their industry.

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Solution Brief: OnQ Live Agent Chat

The Connect First platform provides call centers with the ability to become true multi-channel contact centers with the OnQ Internet Chat feature. When utilized in conjunction with call queues, agents can efficiently handle multiple communication channels.

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White Paper: The Value of Web Chat in Your Contact Center

The proliferation of tablets and smartphones as well as the advent of social media has led to explosive growth in text-based communications. Every day, millions of people across the U.S. use Web chat for a wide variety of personal and business purposes. Driving this are social networking sites such as Facebook as well as “over-the-top” services such as Skype, Google Talk, MS Chat, iChat, and a myriad of others. Next to its close cousin, SMS, Web chat is the communications channel of choice among generations X and Z — and over time older generations are becoming more comfortable with it as well.

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