Connect First offers the most feature- and technology-rich platform, clearly advanced compared with their competitors. They are easier to work with, the platform offers a lower TCO and better availability overall.

Volini, Vadav Communications

Driving successful telemarketing and telesales activities demands the integration of market-leading hosted dialer technology. Connect First's cloud-based outbound solutions allow you to guide your leads through our dynamic loader. Once your agents log on, they can immediately begin connecting with live customers by answering their calls. Our outbound dialer ensures you get all the benefits of an on-premises dialer eliminating the delays, headaches and costs.

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With Connect First you can reach more of your sales leads faster thus increasing agent outbound efficiency up to 20 times compared with manual dialing. This can also result in converting more leads into sales. Our virtual dialers automatically filter out busy signals, answering machines, no-answers and fax machines ensuring your agents only spend time on live answers thus maximizing their productivity. Our full, rich suite of CDR reporting tools, real-time statistical data and granular dialing campaign controls give you complete management over your outbound call center.

Supported Dialing Modes


Predictive Dialer

The Connect First Predictive Dialer is designed to boost your productivity. Leveraged as a standalone module or a fully blended application, you can streamline your operations with a true predictive algorithm and real-time statistical data to effectively manage any campaign. Our award-winning predictive dialer technology helps you maximize your ROI, whether you aim to fill a sales pipeline, fundraise, pitch a product or lead a grass-roots movement.

Preview Dialer

With the Connect First virtual preview dialer, your virtual call center agents can preview leads and review lead history prior to launching the dialer. Our system retains a significantly high contact quality level, while increasing efficiency and providing accountability for all communications. Simply click the "dial" button and your agents are connected with the lead of their choice.

Click-to-Talk / Click-to-Queue

Easily convert your Web leads with a Click-to-Talk button placed on your website in just minutes.


Pre-recorded messages are sent directly to the customer base as you gather important statistics and results in real-time. This more effectively manages your outbound call center campaign.

Key Features

Flexible List Loading Source lists can be provided in any format including TAB, CSV, Excel, etc. Columns are mapped dynamically with the Connect First intuitive interface.
Custom Scheduling Configure multiple open/close times on a per queue basis.
Full DNC (Do Not Call) Compliance A certified third party compliance platform is used to scrub all lists and e-mailed results are broken down by state, federal, cellular and clean leads. Your telemarketing campaign is automatically loaded with clean leads for effective launch.
Automated Time Zone Support All leads are flagged with their respective time zone upon list load and you configure one set of scheduling rules to ensure the system automatically dials only the valid leads for their local time zone.
Call Progress Detection Automatically filter out busy, no answer, machine, fax and intercept results.
Call Recording Record every call to ensure the highest quality customer service.
Answering Machine Detection Enable or disable answering machine detection based on your requirements for that particular telemarketing or telephone fundraising campaign.
Custom Caller-ID Custom Caller-ID capabilities provided on a per-campaign basis.
Dynamic End-Call Dispositions Configure all necessary dispositions on a per-campaign basis and assign action items (Add To DNC List, Automatically Re-Queue, Finalize Lead, Automated Warm/Cold Transfer) to third party DIDs.
CRM Integration Our customized system can work with any variety of HTTP-enabled CRM packages. We will also work with you to customize a tightly integrated solution for your proprietary CRM or one that lacks HTTP support.
User Custom Scripting Dynamic, customized scripts can guide your agents through the entire call process while you capture and store all data associated with the inbound call.
Custom Scripting Create custom dynamic scripts that can guide your contact center agents through properly processing each call as it is presented. Capture and store data associated with the inbound phone call.
Real Time SOAP/Web Service Data Transfers Need data in real-time? The Connect First system will stream your data synchronously with any standard SOAP interface instantly capturing critical call data.

Lee Enterprises: Choosing a Dialer

Lee Enterprises was on a strong growth path challenging Richard Brashear, Director of Sales and Marketing, to seek out a new dialer. The company's call center was rapidly expanding and the need to scale calling efforts nationwide became prominent. As each market was its own campaign, trying to manage, monitor, record and even barge in on calls was increasingly cumbersome, limiting their ability to optimize each campaign.

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Solution Brief: Predictive Dialer Boosts Productivity

Calling campaigns are easily managed with the power of the predictive dialer. Connect First allows the hosted contact center to streamline operations regardless of the industry. The Connect First Predictive Dialer is available as a stand-alone module or a fully blended application, providing the power of the true predictive algorithm and real-time statistical data for optimal campaign utilization.

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White Paper: Why You Should Take Your Outbound Call Center to the Cloud

Having a productive call center staff usually amounts to a successful marketing or sales campaign. Part of what makes them productive is technological advances like the predictive dialer. Sometimes referred to as a predictive dialing engine, this computer assisted method uses proprietary dialing code and a detection mechanism to make sure the staff is always on the job and not falling victim to distraction. Best yet is that the predictive dialer can support hundreds, even thousands of staffers in the outbound call center.

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