We value people first because people drive — and deliver — all aspects
of our business. Our industry-exclusive approach has produced an unmatched ability to
innovate business-centric solutions that consistently provide exceptional customer experiences.


Connect First was founded, embarking on a mission to build, not buy the most reliable communication platform.


Of the hardest-working proactive developers, support, customer success, and growth teams in the market.


Guiding directive: It's About the Customer.


In 2005, Connect First CEO and co-founder Geoff Mina and President and co-founder Richard Manulkin envisioned a new approach to contact center technology. Their dependable, cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions found traction almost immediately, keeping the company profitable every quarter since founding. At first, the Boulder-based team worked with resellers to get their systems and networks into the hands of a growing customer base of contact centers, non-profits, and political organizations. Today, Connect First has over 500 clients worldwide and boasts a 97% customer retention rate — the highest in the industry.


We believe a few things to be true. First, and always most important: People Matter.

Everything we touch and interact with is created by people. Real people inspire everything we do at Connect First, and every interaction is meaningful. It's the reason why people love working here, and why customers love working with (and staying with) us. A 97% customer retention rate can only be earned, not bought.

Culture First. Since 2005 we’ve been putting our culture first, and it has paid dividends. We have the only culture in the contact center solution market where people actually really like showing up to work. There are no B teams, silos, politics, or antagonists. That’s why we continue to invest in our workplace personality. Dogs in the office: Sure. Weekly catered lunches: Absolutely. Generous time off: Couldn't imagine it any other way.

This obsessive focus on people and building a culture that inspires our staff has rewarded us with a loyal team who dreamed up, delivered, and continue to refine the best product in the contact center industry. We're here for the long haul and our goal is to keep innovating solutions that meaningfully solve your complex problems.

Sophisticated contact center software doesn't have to be complicated. That's why we keep it simple, smart, and people-centric. The result? We’ve emerged as the market leader in stability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. 

Complex is best solved collaboratively. We work in small teams in transparent and continuous collaboration. Every individual — and dog — in our office has a voice; no team or person is more important than any other. Everyone contributes. Everyone matters. Ideas are alive at Connect First, ideas powered by people that care about your business as much as we care about ours. 


At Connect First we practice the mantra that no task is too small or beneath us, and we have a variety of leaders that are the first to roll up their sleeves, pitch in, and help the team succeed no matter what. Coming from a diverse variety of backgrounds, skill sets, and talents, we are truly a motley crew with one unified vision: to provide the best contact center solutions platform humanly possible.

Brian, employee at Connect First
Andrew, employee at Connect First
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DMG Consulting

#1 in the Industry for Overall Customer Satisfaction
Connect First has been recognized by leading industry publications and contact center analysts including TMC and DMG Consulting for its innovative solutions for the contact center and for its success as a cloud technology solution provider. Connect First was recently rated #1 in the industry for Overall Customer Satisfaction in the DMG yearly contact center vendor infrastructure report.

Top 100 in Colorado

Top 100 Digital Companies in Colorado
“Nearly 5,000 new IT jobs were added to Colorado this past year. We want that momentum to continue into 2016,” Governor John Hickenlooper said. Colorado is home to over 1,600 digital companies. The top 100 employers among them are a young bunch, and are, on average, just 13 years old. 31 percent of the top 100 are less than 10 years old, and an impressive 15 percent are less than five years old. In total, the top 100 companies employ an impressive 18,400 people.

Colorado companies to watch

Colorado Companies to Watch
Now in its sixth year, Colorado Companies to Watch attracted over 1,200 nominees. With 106 companies selected as finalists, Connect First prevailed along with 49 others to receive the distinction of being named to the Colorado Companies to Watch class of 2014.

Colorado Companies to Watch is the only award of its kind to honor the second-stage businesses that fuel the economic fire of our great state. Businesses selected for the Companies to Watch award are recognized for generating jobs, creating innovations that transform industries and displaying entrepreneurial leadership in the creation of amazing workplaces and support of their communities.

Colorado Biz

Connect First CEO, Geoff Mina, Named Top 25 Most Influential Young Professional in Colorado
Geoff Mina, the CEO of Connect First, an award-winning cloud contact center software vendor, has been named as one of Colorado’s 25 most influential young professionals. The 34 year-old co-founder of Connect First started his company 10 years ago, surviving one of the worst recessions in American history and turning it into a major contender in the contact center software industry.

APEX Technology Association

Apex Customer Service Company Of The Year
Connect First’s outstanding customer service leads to recognition at the 13th annual APEX Awards in Denver to a sold out crowd.

Technovation Award

“Connect First Safe” Wins 2014 PACE Technovation Award
2014 – Connect First, an award-winning telecommunications company, has won the 2014 PACE Technovation award for their innovative product Connect First Safe, which prevents outbound dialing customers from violating the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations.

Customer Experience Innovation Award

Customer Experience Innovation Award
The 2014 Customer Experience Innovation Award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

“Customer service is at the foundation of every single thing we do at Connect First,” said Connect First CEO Geoff Mina. “Everything we do at Connect First—hiring employees, developing products, designing products, marketing our products—we do with the customer in mind. This award is a testament to what we’re all about here at Connect First and we’re honored to receive it.”

Customer Technology Award

CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award: IVR Studio
Connect First’s IVR Studio honored for its quality and innovation within the contact center industry. IVR Studio can be summed up in two words: simple complexity. The award-winning software company has developed a full featured, drag and drop IVR builder that is simple enough for anyone to use with powerful coding features available for development experts to create even the most complex IVRs.

Customer Product of the Year

CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award: Connect First SAFE
TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Connect First Safe as a CUSTOMER 2014 Product of the Year Award winner. Connect First Safe is a new account type for contact centers that gives contact centers the power to dial cell phone numbers while staying in compliance with the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) legislation that was passed in October. Connect First Safe removes the capacity for predictive and preview dialing, thus enabling contact centers to safely dial cell phone numbers via an agent click-to-dial request.


2013 Best of Boulder: Telecommunication Equipment/Systems

2013 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award: Cloud Routing

2012 NGN Leadership Award