The needs of an outbound business process outsourcer are varied and complex.
You need extreme flexibility and clear communication, and you want it all for the right price.

 Advanced reporting and analytics.

Use Analytics to Gain Real Insights
Our advanced reporting feature lets you easily set parameters so you can mine your data for insights into any area, like agent productivity, conversion rates, or drop-call rates. Learn the true story behind your data and use it to make informed decisions.

 Advanced Security Model.

Make Your Own Choices
Our advanced security model allows you to grant or limit access to users at any level. Give different clients access to specific dashboards or reports while maintaining the privacy of all your other accounts. Or create one simple security model that works for all your users: it’s up to you.

 Open APIs

Leverage the Power of Open APIs
For the clients who show up with a slew of complex requirements and a host of existing software products: we’ve got your integrations right here. Our open APIs allow you to seamlessly connect your information sources, no matter the flavor they bring to the table.

 Connect First's drag and drop feature.

Simplify Your Life
From drag-and-drop scripting to reliable dialers to intuitively designed interfaces for quick and easy navigation, our solutions are built to save you and your clients time and effort. Extensive feature sets make it easy to cater to complex needs without any additional effort on your part.

Outbound BPO favorite features

Universal APIs
Integrate every function and dataset to create your own custom end-user experience.

Reporting Studio
Create custom reports that lead to actionable insights for your business.

IVR Builder
Build simple to complex IVRs in just a few easy clicks.

Real-Time Dashboards
Decision-making made easy with instant access to your important information.

Leverage our numerous features to streamline and automate your processes.

Outbound Dialer
Our smart virtual dialers do the filtering so you don’t have to.

Configurable Agent
Just drag and drop to create rich, interactive scripts for your agents.

Responsive HTML5
Monitor your call centers on the go with our responsive mobile interface.

Our platform’s proven stability eliminates dropped calls, poor service, and lost revenue.

Robust Security Model
Grant or limit access at any level — or create one security model for all.

Use our comprehensive ACD to manage even your most complex contact centers.



Flawless call management and on-the-fly analytics are key for inbound call centers.
You need intelligent automation and adaptable technology, and you need it all yesterday.

Connect Frist_BPO_Configure_set_Deploy_Connect First

Configure, Set, Deploy
Build your routing strategy to include everything from IVRs to multiple agent skills — by level. Our powerful solutions can be designed and deployed in moments so that you can get on your feet and on your way — right away.

Connect First KPI Tracking Made Easy Icon

KPI Tracking Made Easy
Our fully customizable dashboards and advanced reporting make it easy to monitor things like agent behaviors, KPIs, and vital metrics. Stay in the know in every aspect of your business and use that knowledge to make confident, profitable decisions.

Connect First BPO We play Nice With Data

We Play Nice With Your Data
Our platform integrates with almost any external data source, whether in-app or behind the scenes via our open APIs, allowing for seamless data flow whenever and wherever you need it.

Connect First BPO Data in One Place Icon

All Your Information in One Place
Reduce employee attrition and save on turnover-incurred costs by providing your call center staff with an intuitive, streamlined agent desktop that reduces learning curves and consolidates all the data they need into one elegant interface.

Inbound BPO favorite features

Universal APIs
Securely access, modify, and display your data however and wherever you like.

Robust Security Model
Get as simple or as detailed with user permissions as you need.

Our world-class ACD is easily configurable for targeted, efficient call distribution.

Responsive HTML5
Monitor customer satisfaction on the go with enhanced mobile performance and responsiveness.

IVR Studio
Drag and drop to create custom IVRs that facilitate frictionless customer journeys.

Whether you’re scaling up or down, our flexible solutions have you covered.

Real-Time Dashboards
Make better decisions for your business with access to all your information, on demand.

Reporting Studio
DIY reporting lets you track all the metrics most important to you.

Configurable Agent Desktops
Our intuitive interface and countless customizations equal more productivity for your agents.

Service disruptions are a problem of the past with our unmatched 99.999% uptime.


Our BPO solutions are built with intention and refined for operational excellence. Strategically secure your competitive contact center advantage with real-time transparency and insights into your operations. Easy-to-use scripting and granular security settings are just the icing on the cake: all of our products are methodically designed to help you achieve more, with less effort.