Case Study - Synergixx

How Synergixx Made The Switch From Abacus To Supercomputer



The dynamic marketing industry was rapidly shifting, and Synergixx's soft product sales approach was achieving unprecedented success through an innovative strategy relying on creative synergy. Synergixx found itself in the perfect position to significantly expand its customer base via unique sales opportunities. President Scott Swanson was ready to take the plunge, but found his inbound call center was struggling with an in-house ACD switching system that Swanson refers to simply as 'antiquated.'

With 70 agents already handling 15,000-20,000 consultative sales calls per week, Swanson knew it was time to make a change. The vendor supporting their aging ACD was suddenly absorbed in an acquisition and advised Swanson that it would no longer support the ancient system.


Swanson and his team immediately set out to find a new partner. They had limited time but a clear understanding of their current system's challenges and a comprehensive vision of the cost savings and robust feature sets they expected from the new system. After examining a wide variety of options ranging from on-premise to cloud-based call center switching platforms, the team found themselves most impressed with Connect First's cloud-based solutions.

The company offered the most robust solution they'd encountered, satisfying all their requirements with the added bonus of the right technology to scale according to their growing needs. Connect First's intelligent, lightning-fast Cloud Routing solution provided an affordable, flexible, user-friendly alternative to their outdated ACD, allowing Synergixx to effectively manage call traffic across multiple destinations, distributing calls according to preset preferences. Real-time dashboards, extensive configuration options and diverse integration opportunities came standard, making the choice clear for Swanson.


Upon implementing the Connect First solution, Synergixx immediately saw significant improvements in efficiency and a substantial reduction in man-hours necessary to manage the system. The company experienced an unexpected but sizable reduction in costs, since the IT team could be downsized to match the new environment's reduced staffing needs.

"The difference between our old system and Cloud Routing from Connect First is night and day," shares Swanson. "We essentially went from an abacus to the likes of a supercomputer. Reporting is an important task in our industry and we can now report on more and in more depth than we could with our previous system. Our turnaround time on reporting is far more efficient, robust, and detailed."

Simply put, Connect First's Cloud Routing solution is enabling Synergixx to extend more value to every client. Swanson continues, "I've been very impressed with Connect First. Too many companies are focused on selling a lot of sizzle, but never the steak. With this deployment, we got exactly what we were promised. Plus, the transition from one system to another was very smooth. We can rely on the guys at Connect First to continue to work with us in a consultative state, consistently improving the platform while we benefit. We anticipate they will continue to be a valued partner in the future."

We essentially went from an abacus to the likes of a supercomputer.
— President Scott Swanson, Synergixx
  • Increased service value with in-depth reporting tools
  • Significantly increased overall efficiency
  • Considerably reduced costs via manpower reduction

Synergixx LLC is a Sewell, New Jersey-based direct response company offering multiple marketing strategies to enable clients to create powerful and unique campaigns. Offering a turnkey solution, Synergixx also works with an extensive partner ecosystem to expand product distribution for the customer base, enabling new and steady income streams from a number of different channels.

Too many vendors are selling all the sizzle and none of the steak. With Connect First, we got exactly what we were sold and we’re very pleased with the results.
— President Scott Swanson, Synergixx