Case Study - ViaSource

ViaSource Supports Expansion With Improved Operations, Lowered PLatform Costs

ViaSource Solutions


Contact management leader ViaSource was experiencing an evolution: business was growing rapidly and needs were changing almost daily. It was an exciting time, but also a time for careful review and consideration. Workflows were revised, processes considered, and it quickly became clear that the name of the game was now 'optimization.' One workflow in desperate need of an update was ViaSource's call routing system. The existing process included a high margin for human error, with a fair amount of manual inputting of customer data, time-consuming transfers between agents and product specialists, and a costly per-call transfer fee.

The original workflow went something like this: agents were required to manually click a survey button for each and every incoming call. The button communicated with a third-party database, retrieving a Patient ID number (PID) based on the caller’s identified phone number. If the inbound number was recognized, its corresponding PID would appear in the agent interface. If the incoming number was not recognized, a new PID number would be created.

Once the agent completed their portion of the call, they would transfer the caller over to a product specialist, pausing to verbally share the patient's PID number with the product owner, who then manually entered it into the database. Aside from frequent data entry issues, this system made it impossible to generate a Patient ID number for calls that abandoned in queue without connecting to an agent.


ViaSource knew they couldn't expect to scale successfully with such a faulty, antiquated system. They began shopping around not only for a platform that would address their immediate, pressing issues, but for a company that was invested in a customer-centric approach, with knowledgeable technical professionals and savvy account managers who could help them execute all of their operational goals. Platform flexibility and user-friendliness were high on their list of priorities, and call quality and system stability remained essential for their rapidly progressing expansion.

Enter Connect First. From the outset, the contact center software company's team engaged closely with ViaSource, taking great care to thoroughly comprehend not only their needs and requirements, but also their patients' needs, and even the interplay between their existing integrated systems. ViaSource immediately recognized the alignment and moved to cement the partnership.

Once on board, the Connect First team quickly devised an effective strategy to combat data entry issues, streamline and automate ViaSource's existing workflows, and capture important call data from abandoned callers. They built a custom front-end IVR for easy automation, ensuring all calls were successfully captured and documented. The IVR automatically accessed ViaSource’s third-party system for Patient ID information and immediately inserted the information into the agent’s survey, eliminating the need for button-clicking, verbal confirmations, and manual entries.


With this highly efficient new system in place, ViaSource agents were able to significantly save and maximize their time, leaving the company confident in their ability to handle their anticipated growth. All calls were now being captured and the integrity of the corresponding data was assured. A trusted system of record was successfully implemented, human error was removed from the equation, and customer service began to improve. Best of all, Connect First's efficient new system reduced unnecessary minute usage and switched the company over from expensive DID transfers to more cost-effective SIP transfers. The end result? Upwards of $1,000 per month in savings.

Like Connect First, ViaSource is committed to providing effortless, effective customer experiences. With a new system on board and a dedicated team of professionals at the ready for assistance, ViaSource is poised to continue their upward trajectory while continuing to stay true to their customer-centric objectives.

  • Zero data loss
  • Significant process optimization via automated IVR solution
  • Over $1,000/month cost savings

ViaSource Solutions is recognized as a contact management pioneer, providing cutting edge inbound and outbound programs to the business community.  Their industry leading expertise, custom solutions and recruiting know-how drive KPIs, spark revenue growth and create value for a variety of verticals – from medical to education to energy. ViaSource holds an A+ from the BBB for their unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service, including a promise to make good faith efforts to resolve any consumer complaint.