Good call center software does a few things well. Superior contact center software is built with
intention, with the customer’s needs always in mind.

 Connect First open APIs.

100% Open API

Anything our platform can do, you can do through our APIs — configuration, reporting, campaign management, agent state management, and more.

 Carrier Redundancy.

Carrier Redundancy

We are a RespOrg and our Toll-Free routing includes multiple tier-1 vendors to ensure 100% of calls are answered. Local DIDs are also sourced from multiple tier-1 vendors, and outbound origination is guaranteed via 10+ redundant — high-performance — routes.

 Unmatched Uptime.

Unmatched Uptime

We define stability and reliability, and the numbers speak for themselves: In 2016 we delivered greater than 99.999% uptime — higher than any other platform on the market.

 Data Replication and Security.

Data Integrity & Security

We run continuous off-site backups and employ real-time data replication, and all of our core databases are deployed in industry-standard HA topology, ensuring your data is always accurate, up-to-date, and of course, always safe.

 Innovative Contact Centre Software.

Innovative Interface

100% HTML5 and JavaScript, with no additional software to install and a fully integrated, secure, WebRTC-based softphone.

 CCaaS contact center solution

Smart Architecture

Our platform was built from the start as the only true, fault-tolerant, CCaaS contact center solution on earth. Leveraging the AWS infrastructure, we use an Active-Active-Active deployment model, where every component of our platform is clustered and geographically diverse.