Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Comprehensive automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatically prioritize calls based on importance

Prioritize response to high-value callers to ensure your VIPs remain satisfied with your support

Centralize your contact center software

Connect multiple call centers or employee locations in one platform to maximize response capabilities

Utilize smart call routing

Route calls based on customer need to agents with a matching skill set to resolve issues quickly

Maximize agent potential

Improve agent efficiency by only delivering calls that they're trained to address

Understanding Automated Call Distribution (ACD) systems

Automatic call distribution (ACD) platforms are contact center software that route calls to agents. Systems range from simple that route the next call to the next available agent to advanced configurations that send calls to agents based on customer concerns and agent specializations.

ACD are often employed in high-volume contact centers in order to speed up call resolution and maximize each agent's potential. It's perfect for companies with a wide range of products or services that cover different needs in various industries or settings.

These platforms can support advanced routing rules to determine who is the best agent for each call. There are also options to connect users to your service teams across all channels, including text, chat, email or even your social media accounts.

With true cloud architecture, Connect First provides an extended services platform that can use agents in almost any location in the world, allowing you to easily respond 24/7 and adapt routing in the event of power outages or other concerns.

Connect First's smart ACD solution

Connect First offers a best-in-class cloud ACD platform that is built to support any inbound or blended call center. Regardless of call volume, this call center software can simultaneously distribute multiple calls to appropriate agents no matter where they are.

By designing it for easy configuration, we've made a powerful platform that seamlessly adapts to changing business structures as well as common rules around time zones, customer locations and language preferences, reasons for calling, and more.

Whether you use an IVR voice prompt or operators to determine initial call intent, we'll support your direct answer routing alongside predetermined logic settings so customers are delivered to the best possible agent to resolve their concerns.

Choose the routing paths right for your business and Connect First's ACD will ensure that management is just what you need.


Eliminate abandoned calls

Every call you can't answer is a potential lost sale. ACD platforms help you protect that revenue by eliminating busy signals that lead to dropped calls and upset individuals.

Smart routing is designed to minimize call response time and reduce frustration. Everything is focused on helping you build better relationships with customers and new callers.

We'll also help you route each item as needed so no one is sitting in a sales queue when they need tech help or want to ask another question about an existing contract.

Never miss a call opportunity

ACDs mean your calls are answered immediately and  routed to the best available agent. We're helping you remove the logjam of calls and even reduce the need for callback and similar services.

Connect your CRM and other data sets to further prioritize each call so your top customers and potential leads always get a prompt response. The faster you can respond, the more reliable your brand presents to today's customers.

Boost agent productivity

ACD systems are a leading call center software tool when you need to improve the productivity of your agents. They're routed calls that they have specific training to handle and can even match a variety of preference and expertise statistics that you can program into your ACD.

With our single-screen view, agents also get all the information they need for any call in one location. So, there's no flipping between screens to understand the caller and get the right details while providing support.

Agents get to focus on being helpful and can more readily resolve calls or escalate concerns, spending less time on baseline questions when complex callers arrive.

By supporting integration with a variety of platforms, Connect First also works to give your team the information they need, while tracking performance. That gives you a chance to review, reward, or train as you need for long-term agent growth.

Optimize every resource

Smart call routing is all about making the most of your assets and resources. Agents get to answer more calls and provide greater relief for callers, spending less time between calls and much less time sorting, searching, and collecting basic information to start addressing concerns.

ACD systems integrated with your data feeds ensure agents are ready. Plus, these platforms also perform real-time reporting and gathering, which supports faster call resolution and can leverage your information systems to get the most-useful options to agents without placing customers on hold.

Your automated call distribution system also supports third-party transfers for any of today's leading collaborations, offering endless support options for any of your contact center needs.

Known caller data allows us to route best for each call and agent, whether that's language and location or even matching expertise to products and update information. No matter how far and wide your staff reaches, ACD creates a single team and unified approach to helping every customer.

Enjoy total configurability

Connect First has designed our ACD for use by managers and teams at any level of expertise. You'll never need to be a coder to turn on features or improve support.

Anyone with the right permissions can easily manage contact center call rules and workflows based on what you need at any given moment.

Granular scheduling features allow your leadership to address both common occurrences and create exception management rules for less-than-likely, but still possible, events that may occur.

Expand with a variety of standard and proprietary features around call issue prioritization, queue prioritization, agent blending, hours-of-operation rules, agent rank and skill management, and much more.

Best of all, we offer support for the latest features as soon as they arrive. When new solutions are available, Connect First's modular design makes it simple to add them or replace existing options. You get what you need when it makes the most sense for your business.

Talk to us today to learn about advanced features that can learn about your agents' performance and make recommendations or support new routing rules to deliver more effective interactions to each caller every time.

Access virtual team support

Thanks to True Cloud architecture, Connect First's ACDs and other contact center systems can work nearly anywhere in the world with one platform. That means your team can be dispersed too.

We've helped make geography irrelevant and can support your team of almost any size across any locations you prefer. Remote support tools even allow you to have a virtual staff working from homes and apartments across continents while management uses dashboards to monitor performance and make necessary changes.

Coaching, direction, and call barge-in can happen from afar too, so every agent and call is covered. Our mobile support tools mean that your leadership can even make split-second decisions when they're on the road heading from one meeting or contact center to another.

Virtual team support also includes protection and security software to limit access to customer data and other concerns. We'll help you build a secure environment that limits harm while allowing you to expand as needed.

Utilize better training options

The time of agents and managers is best spent learning your business, not software. So, we've designed an ACD that provides a comprehensive list of features and functionality, while not taking a Ph.D. in computer programming to figure out.

Our automated call distribution system is built to automate most needs and functionality, while your team makes selections about what to add or rules to use. It's designed to look and feel familiar to the software we use in our everyday lives, reducing learning curves and confusion.

Simple rules are available and can be readily implemented right away. Or, you can have power users dive into creative solutions to optimize every ounce of our system.

No matter how complex routing rules and requirements become, the interface, ordering, rule application, and more will stay simple and direct. Logical grouping, menu tool-tips, troubleshooting, and even our own customer support are always available to keep your system running smoothly.

Not only can we support the conditions best for your business, but we'll help keep it simple to create them, monitor them, and grow from them.

Scale to your needs

Dynamic porting for ACDs and other call center software allows your software to grow with you. It also keeps our product price-competitive for any size or location.

You no longer need to settle for call center solutions that force you into limited bundles, seats, users, or agent line limitations. Run the lines that you need at any given moment.

Our business doesn't make sense if we make it hard for you to support yours.

So, Connect First has designed our suite of call center services to scale dynamically based on your need in the moment, meaning you won't run out of lines or risk missing calls.

Smart growth means having the support you need without paying for lines that you don't use.

Create a smarter environment

Call monitoring, drop-in, and recording technologies allow your team to manage any call that reaches your center and then train on it for future success.

Research activities to see where agents can improve, highlight the big wins in problem resolution, or determine if your escalation paths are correct with a thorough review of the data across your entire center.

Connect First's ACD tracks the rules applied to assign each call to an agent and links with our other reporting tools to look at performance from a variety of metrics or angles.

Learn what works now. Make adjustments to look for solutions to what doesn't work. And then track your success in a simple interface designed for smart reporting and true business intelligence.

Reduce center costs

All of these core solutions and capabilities drive one thing: cost reduction.

Improving the speed at which you can respond to calls, reducing resolution times, aligning customer needs with agent skills, and tracking metrics for better rules all help you run a more efficient business.

In the contact center world, efficiency means answering more calls, addressing more caller concerns, and maintaining that positive relationship you have with each customer.

You can do more with fewer agents and enhance customer satisfactions to increase their overall customer lifetime value. Connect First just makes the process simpler with smart tools and some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.


  • Call recording and monitoring
  • CRM integration
  • Custom scripting
  • DID (direct inbound dial), toll-free, or pure VoIP termination
  • Direct agent dialing
  • DNIS-based call queues (gates)
  • DTMF (touch tone) queue events
  • Estimated wait time announcements
  • Exception handling
  • Flexible on-hold messaging
  • Geospatial routing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Real-time reverse match
  • Real-time SOAP/web service data transfers
  • Skills-based agent routing
  • Third-party transfers

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