Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Maximizing agent time with a customizable IVR system

Maximize your budget

Save money with a solution that replaces costly agent positions

Eliminate unnecessary agent interactions

Maximize agent time by automating FAQ responses, freeing your phone lines and agents for more important customer interactions

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve customer service by increasing first contact resolution, routing callers to any internal or external solution, and reducing resolution time

Utilize unlimited integrations

Integrate any third-party tool through our open API, giving your customers access to the information they need

Design the ideal solution

Customize your platform with ease or utilize our team to design the system that best serves your customers

Discovering Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software

We’ve all seen the old method of routing calls through switchboards in the movies. You tell the operator who you’re calling, the switch board operator moves the switch to the right connection and then eavesdrops on your conversation with Aunt Sally. It was a long and flawed process, even without sharing your deepest secrets to the entire town.

Though today's more sophisticated phone systems have completely replaced these old-timey switchboards, we haven't fully eliminated manual call routing. In fact, as you've probably experienced, many businesses still route calls through a hierarchy of employees, usually starting with a receptionist and ending (hopefully!) with the person who has the answer you need.

This process is costly and inefficient for the company and caller. No one has the time or patience to sit through transfer after transfer, so enterprising minds developed a system that uses automation to interact with the customers who call.

Interactive Voice Response Systems, often known as IVR systems or IVRs, use vocal or keypad responses to gather information from callers and direct them to the solution they need. Using pre-recording menu options, IVRs allow businesses to create systems that best fit their services and effectively connect with their clients.

Automation at its finest

You've likely experienced an IVR in your daily life. For example, when calling your doctor's office, you might be prompted to select a menu option, such as “Press ‘2’ for billing” or “Say ‘Pay my invoice’ to make a payment.”

The IVR system then uses your response to direct your call or provide multiple billing options and guiding you through the payment process.

Or, if the system can't satisfy your needs, you'll be routed to an available agent who can solve your concern.

Eliminating manual routing through the use of a computerized telephony system, enables contact centers to reduce the number of low-priority calls answered by agents, which also improves call routing accuracy.

Customers are able to follow intuitive processes for quick answers to common questions, eliminating the time they would usually spend waiting on hold. With increased efficiency for the contact center and a better experience for the customer, interactive voice response helps everyone win.

Connect First's visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

When using our contact center visual IVR system, you experience automation at its best with fewer points of customer abandonment.

Every menu option, customer response, and automated menu selection is easy to incorporate or adjust. Using a simple drag-and-drop visual builder, you can configure the IVR to your sales process and provide the updates or other information callers need.

We offer flexibility and customization options to fit every industry and business, all in an environment designed to improve results for companies of every size, including SMBs, enterprises, and BPOs.

Streamline interactions with customers and leave callers fully satisfied.


Increase productivity

Without an optimized IVR system, every call consumes an agent's time and increases your costs.

Instead, automate responses to common questions and other interactions that don't require agent attention. You can also eliminate many of your agents' menial tasks through menu options, optimizing the time they spend taking calls. Agents can focus on the interactions that matter, improving both individual and floor-wide results.

Improve your bottom line

Every new agent you hire is a significant investment, and one that must fit your budget.

IVR system integration may be a smart solution instead, allowing you to reduce existing agent expenses as well as avoid costs associated with more team members - including training, more sick and vacation time, and hardware.

Maximize existing agent time with IVR to increase call volume without the need for new hires. Rather than spending dollars per minute on a large number of agents, you can You deserve to significantly reduce your costs without hurting desired outcomes or revenue potential.

Customize menus, prompts, and messages

No matter your industry or specific company needs, you can create interactive voice responses that most efficiently guide your customers to their solutions. Record your own messages, choose effective built-in prompts, and build custom menus to offer a simple and intuitive journey through your phone system.

Streamline call routing

Eliminate manual call routing by automatically sending each customer to the right agent the minute they need live support. By routing calls through your automated system, you can also present the feel of a larger company, improving your small or mid-sized business' image, no matter how many people work in the office.

The Connect First IVR  platform can sort calls by priority, sending your customers to the agents who can best serve them. This happens while automated options reduce call wait times and keep agent lines clear, offering the best customer experience.

Revolutionize contact center queues

Waiting on hold is a frustrating experience for any caller, especially when the wait is long or the contact center doesn't offer an estimated wait time.

With an interactive voice response system, however, you can eliminate these long, uncertain waits through automated call-backs. Provide an estimated wait time to every caller directed to the queue and offer to call them back when the next agent is available, essentially holding their place in line.

Give your callers the ability to devote their attention to other tasks while they wait, saving them from cheesy hold music and aggravating boredom. Automated call-backs also reduce the number of customers who hang up while on hold and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Automate customer data collection

By prompting callers to give names, account numbers, and a short summary of their issue before they even talk to an agent, you can further ensure they speak to the right person during their call.

The better equipped your agents are before the call, the faster they can determine and address the problem each caller is facing. Allow agents to spend more time solving problem and less time taking info so , increasing call volume and satisfaction levels.

Utilize unlimited third-party integrations

Your business and clients have unique needs. We've created our system with an open API that integrates with any third-party tool you may need. For your sales team, integrate your CRM to access account information the minute a call starts. This information empowers agents to respond to any question or issue quickly.

Or, use comprehensive reporting tools analyze your system's success, giving you the knowledge you need to improve your automated responses. Whether you need one integration or a dozen, our software is designed to work seamlessly with any tool you need.

Easily build a customized system

We've created our IVR system with easy drag-and-drop set-up capabilities. Quickly visualize and create the system you desire, without the need for coding knowledge or costly outside programmers.

Need help? We offer a team of experienced professionals who work with you to design the IVRs that best meet your contact center's needs. Though our system doesn't require coding experience, it does allow you to users with Javascript knowledge to make any adjustments or customizations they desire for a more tailored experience.

No matter your proficiency level, and whether you need assistance with your set-up or want tips and best practices for success, we're here and ready to help.

Optimize availability

With our IVR system, you can keep your contact center open 24/7, allowing customers to access a wide range of features when your agents are off duty. You can automate the scheduling and canceling of appointments, for example, giving your office a more accurate view of each day's schedule and eliminating the loss of written-down appointment information. With these capabilities, you can offer information during emergency situations, such as power outages, closures due to outside events, and system-wide issues. Your IVR system also allows you to alert callers about schedule changes, including holiday hours and new operating hours; policy updates; and important information, ensuring each customer is up-to-date with any developments.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers' happiness is one of your top priorities. Ours too.

To help ensure satisfaction with your service, we make it easy to create interactive voice responses to save customers time without compromising the quality of your service. Try built-in tools to improve customer interactions, too. If an agent is struggling in a call, for instance, our agent whisper tool integration allows you to privately offer tips or helpful client information to improve the call. Offer bilingual menu options and greetings, keeping your services open to everyone. Securely share certain test and procedure results at any time, reducing patient wait time and offering increased peace of mind. And, at the end of every call, survey callers with customized questions to measure and improve customer satisfaction.

Equip agents to better resolve caller issues and improve routing accuracy to show every caller that their time and satisfaction are important.

Use with multiple clients

If you are a BPO with multiple contact centers under your care, our IVR software offers everything you need to create customized systems for each client.

Each contact center has its own needs, so our dedicated team will work with you to design a system that most effectively serves each group of callers. With customized recordings, effective call routing, and unlimited third-party integrations, each of your clients' contact centers can save money, improve results, and increase customer satisfaction.

Enjoy endless capabilities

The Connect First IVR system is made to improve your contact center experience for everyone involved.

With speech recognition software, you can create a system that uses natural speech to guide callers to the best option. Callers can place orders, make secured payments, and update accounts without ever needing to speak to an agent. With automation, customization, and endless integrations, our IVR software offers everything needed to help you succeed.


  • Modern HTML5 interface for maximum responsiveness across all devices
  • 100% browser-based technology for enhanced accessibility
  • Speech-enabled call routing for faster, more accurate resolution
  • On-demand text to speech
  • Scripting injection for complex methods
  • Automated API consumption for expanded integration
  • HTTP (REST/SOAP) API integration hooks
  • Full debug output for speedy debugging
  • Post-call email capability for convenient follow-up
  • Simple call flow management
  • Robust integration with third parties
  • Fully integrated Javascript engine for complex call control and integration
  • Asynchronous call event processing
  • Detailed exception handling for invalid inputs
  • Programmatically controlled call flow and branching
  • Zero installation (fully integrated with the Connect First call center system software)
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Alphanumeric inputs
  • Effortless processing of complex business rules
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Simple to complex routing trees, real-time integrations
  • Audio recording with stop-and-start call capability for security, compliance, and customer service optimization
  • Predetermined schedule branching
  • Internal and external call transfers (to PSTN, SIP, VoIP or to any other Connect First product)
  • Pre-recorded message capability (hold music, audio files, etc)
  • Custom caller IDs
  • Agent whisper and barge-in capability
  • Intelligent callback options
  • TT (Touch Tone) accept

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