Contact center outbound dialers

Empowering agents to call, convince, and sell faster every day

Every minute of manual tasks you reduce for your agents is another minute they can be talking with customers and generating sales or solving problems. What more could a center ask for?

Connect First provides call centers with the technology they need to automate manual processes, select calls, find user data, and even present the most-relevant sales tips as soon as a call connects. Plus, we can even do the dialing for you.

This functionality comes from our selection of feature-rich outbound auto dialer systems. Let your agents focus on customer service and sales while our systems prioritizes the tasks involved with selecting leads, matching agents to connected calls, and highlighting customer information or answers they're looking for.

Outbound dialer systems generate time and cost savings by eliminating busy signals, voicemails, fax machines, no-answers, and more. It can reduce agent frustration and lets them focus on helping customers and closing deals. Plus, our more advanced options can even automatically sort and prioritize customers more likely to say "yes" based on customer data and your agents' success rates.

Make your sales calls smarter and faster to increase your conversion rates each day.

Easy to integrate and scale with no new equipment

When people hear about how powerful our dialers are, they usually think it means a big investment in new phones and costly equipment whether they've got 100 agents or 1,000. Thankfully, that's not the case.

Our outbound dialing software is designed tow work with no additional equipment to maintain, and you can scale automatically. Add or remove agents as you need, and only pair the Connect First platform for agents who are there making calls.

Your agents know that simplicity sells. We do too. With Connect First, you can expect a simple process for uploading outbound lead lists, allowing agents to log on and immediately get started. Our single-screen architecture also provides all available, relevant customer data when and where agents need it.

The entire automatic dialer software is built to feel like software your team is familiar with, increasing adoption speeds, reducing friction, and prioritizing calls. Relying on True Cloud Architecture allows us to update and improve without interfering in your team's work.

Help increase agent efficiency up to 20x compared to manual dialing and more than quadruple your outbound call volume by making it easier for your agents to call, connect, and close.

Connect First outbound dialers

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