Manual dialer

A classic manual dialer can be a simple feature with big returns

Allow your agents to set the time, pace, and other important details of a call so that they own more of the sales process.

A intuitive dialer to master

The RingCentral Engage Voice manual dialer is the foundation of the contact center.

It supports outbound calls with a variety of techniques and services. This intuitive platform is a great place to give agents a chance to study lead information and work with the script before moving them them onto automated dialers. RingCentral's Engage Voice platform is built so intuitively, new agents will be ready to burn through lead lists in no time.

Customize as you need it

Your team has its own business goals and priorities and your dialer should match.

Built intuitively, our platform allows access to a wide range of configuration options and settings to make it fit your contact center needs on a granular level. We've kept it simple though, so admins can change agent desktop settings quickly and efficiently.

Connect on their terms

The Engage Voice manual dialer is designed to help your team make call backs and follow ups easily and directly based on your customer data as well as their intuition.

It comes with the full support of our complex capabilities, which can be turned off or on as you need them.

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