Manual Dialer

Helping your agents make the best decisions for their next call

Improve lead contact through dialing accuracy

Maximize efficiency by allowing agents to call the right person on the right number at the right time

Empower total customer satisfaction

Match calls to customer preferences with on-screen information and click-to-dial support

Keep agents informed

Display core customer details before and during a call to support agent actions and success rates

Discover comprehensive analytics

Fully trackable dialers ensure you can easily determine KPIs and audit results to learn what works best

Save time and money

Maximize budgets and minimize the learning curve with a dialer already familiar to your team

Discovering manual dialing

A manual dialer can seem like a simple prospect – something that allows your agents to dial the phone number they choose. While that's true, there's a lot more under the hood that makes our manual dialer one of the best support tools for your contact center.

The classic manual dialer is a perfect fit for growing businesses and contact centers looking to reach out to customers and leads based on what your sales team prefers. Your agents get to set the time, pace, and other important details so that they own more of the sales process.

Give them the tools they need to be independent while also protecting your business and ensuring fidelity to the mission and call requirements. With a one-on-one focus, your team can do their best and prioritize your potential customers above all else.

Connect First provides a demo so you can see dialer live and in action, customized for your business. It's a proven platform that's being used by your competitors and is ready for you.


Find more than just a dial tone

Manual dialers give your agents a list of numbers to choose from or allow them to search through your database of leads to find the right target. Agents can search based on any characteristic that you track, from zip code to referral source to the warmth of the lead.

Agents click on the phone number and then reach your lead. Manual options connect with your audience or allow agents to leave a message. In the event that the number is incorrect, agents can flag them immediately and have the system kick the number out or send it to a lead team to try and find the correct number.

One thing that sets a manual dialer apart is that your agent is already on the phone when the call is answered. With other options, the call recipient answers and either has to wait a few seconds or listen to a prerecorded message before the agent is connected.

Put customers first and prioritize their time as well as yours by using a manual dialing platform that allows your team to greet them as soon as the call connects.

Improve your service and calls

The chief reason companies and contact centers adopt dialers is because they prepare your sales and service teams to better interact with customers, while reducing the time they spend finding leads.

The Connect First cloud contact center platform provides your agents with a list of leads to call based on campaign, marketing, and other characteristics designed for your business. Agents make a selection, click, and the call begins.

When the call starts, our platform automatically pulls up all relevant information to give your agents the best personalized options for their target. They can then address problems, discuss the right benefit, and answer common questions with information already at their fingertips.

Agents are freed up to focus on the call. The information they need is provided. The decisions to make are shown and the best possible tactics are displayed. Your agents then get to focus on what they do best: making the sale or providing the right customer service to keep people happy.

Use a business-first approach to call management

Manual dialing from Connect First provides all the power and access of our contact center service that's designed to make business growth and sales easier.

All calls made through this dialer can be recorded, monitored, and reviewed from a direct dashboard. This gives agents and sales teams the ability to look at historic data and determine what offer or help would best fit existing customers and new leads.

Leadership can use the same recordings and data collected during the call to perform your audits and compliance checks. This ensures that your team is acting properly and allows you to make the right adjustments to meet different KPI goals.

Every business decision can be supported thanks to the information and data systems that back our manual dialer.

Enjoy a solution that's safe, secure, and reliable

A core benefit of a manual dialer for your contact center and outbound sales team is that it delivers a solid platform to help manage and protect your data.

Smart reporting capabilities ensure that all call data is recorded consistently to make analytics and reporting easier. Plus, we're using true cloud architecture that provides best-in-class availability and redundancies to prevent data loss.

Everything is controlled within the platform itself to make reporting and dashboards easy for management as well as staff. Generate the insights that matter most to you and then share them with anyone who needs it.

To keep you safe from intrusions, we rely on end-to-end encryption via the latest in softphones. This secures you from internal and external threats as well as from attempts to target data during transmission or on a call.

Manual call data is captured and can be reviewed at any moment, even live, to help you manage your team, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and safeguard against potential threats.

Simplify your solution

Your team needs a variety of tools to do their best. We've just put them all in one place.

The manual dialer from Connect First can support any contact or call center configuration: inbound, outbound, or blended. We're flexible enough to adapt as your needs change.

The Connect First platform puts all of your information in the same screen as the dialer. This enables your team to select the right call and then, as soon as it connects, they can start speaking with the lead from a point of knowledge.

Even cold calling comes with information around the type of phone, zip code it is attached to, and any other data you've been able to collect in your CRM or other database. Agents can utilize all the hard work that your team has done to find the right "in" with each lead.

Updating information is easy as well. When a call is successful, or not, agents are still within the same window to make notes, remove data, and mark the viability of the prospect.

Use for every campaign

Dialers are designed to improve your team's ability to execute any campaign. Our solution not only supports your existing customer database but it can also help you apply the filters that matter most to your team's plans.

Start with leads by location, allowing you to call in the right time zones and have appropriate caller ID displays. Work down your list from warm to cold and adjust dialer speed appropriately. Plus, you can track by specific DID for your marketing and more.

Every marketing effort requires some A/B testing. Our manual dialer keeps this simple with features and dashboards in plain language for reliable targeting the way you want.

Today's contact and call centers start with dialers because every agent can run their proper role within a campaign as defined by leaders.

Create the perfect starting place

Manual dialing is the foundation of the contact center. It supports both inbound and outbound calls with a variety of techniques and services, plus any marketing campaigns.

Teaching your team to work manual dialing supports later expansion to more advanced features in progressive, predictive, or preview dialers that change functionality and can automate some processes for lead selection.

Manual dialers also help new sales members get ready for each call. They'll hear the ring, listen to greetings, dial numbers, and ask for introductions before diving into the sale. This gives them time to look over scripts and get their angle together for when the lead is ready to hear the message.

Plus, you can easily expand the Connect First platform as needed thanks to our modular design. When you're ready for the next step, it just takes moments to add new integrations, features, capabilities, and compliance tools. Whether it's reporting or laser-like focus for your calls, there's an additional feature available.

Establish the smart practice today and you'll be prepared to adopt tools that best help your growth.

Customize as you need it

Your team has its own priorities and their dialer should match. So, we've applied our true cloud architecture to the interface for your manual dialer.

This allows you to access a wide range of configuration options and settings to make it fit your needs on a granular level. We've kept it simple though, so managers can change agent desktop settings quickly and without concern.

The platform is intuitive so there's no steep learning curve or coding required for updates. All you have to do is open the menu and choose from a list of dialing features to provide to your agents.

Open, limit, or block functionality as you need on a team level or even down to different agents. Learn what works best for your operations and apply it evenly or as-needed to maximize on leads, calls, and the day.

Discover the convenience of manual dialing

The Connect First manual dialer is designed to help your team make calls easily and directly based on your customer data as well as their intuition. It comes with the full support of our complex capabilities, which can be turned off or on as you need them.

Protect your customer data with a reliable cloud architecture and use it to its fullest thanks to a robust system that connects all the dots for you. Plus, everything is backed up in multiple ways to ensure that you don't lose data during or after a call.

No matter what stage you're at now or growing to tomorrow, our integration and reporting tools are there to optimize your efforts.

Contact us and we'll work with you to find out more about your current contact center and your goals so you can see how the manual dialer technology applies to your specific operations.


  • Built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools
  • Comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions
  • Seamless agent blending
  • Advanced script building
  • Configurable callback tools
  • Full suite of queue and campaign configuration tools
  • User-friendly customizable agent desktop
  • Highly configurable administrative interface
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time reporting
  • (added the below)
  • Real-time screen pops
  • Highly configurable in-call agent views
  • Canned responses for agents
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Detailed and intuitive call history
  • Simple but powerful call hold and transfer abilities
  • Advanced inbound call routing
  • Configurable, selectable outbound caller ID
  • Powerful Disposition engine for post-call events
  • Configurable dispositions
  • Total call tracking, recording, and metrics reporting
  • Transfers and bridge support
  • Mobile support
  • Integration with leading CRMs
  • APIs to manage data across systems
  • Multiple filtering options for current marketing and campaigns
  • Change agent count

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