Predictive Dialer

Supercharging automated dialing with predictive dialer software

Maximize agent uptime

Use algorithmically calculated auto-dialing to reduce agent downtime and maximize productivity

Increase lead connections

Make contact with every dial, reaching more prospects and increasing conversion rates

Tailor your system to your needs

Customize your system to offer the scale, capabilities, and results you need

Utilize intelligent dialing

Deploy smart algorithms to find the calling patterns and dial rates that will help you do more, faster

Discovering contact center predictive dialer systems

Automated dialing has worked miracles for the contact center industry. It empowers agents to make call after call without ever needing to press a button and automatically sorts the numbers it dials for those most likely to be successful. It keeps lines full, agents busy, and contact centers thriving.

Take it up a level and further improve your results with predictive dialing. This technology combines that benefits of automated dialers with algorithmic calculations designed to learn your system and make improvements continuously.

Like most autodialers, predictive dialer software is an outbound-focused tool that uses a computer system to automatically call numbers on a pre-sorted list. As it dials these numbers, it screens for those that are disconnected, busy, unanswered, or sent to voicemail.

By limiting the calls your agents answer to only dials that result in live contact, automated dialing helps you maximize agent time and increase the number of prospects your contact center reaches each day.

The next evolution in calling

Unlike other dialers, a predictive dialing system doesn't stop at standard automation. Instead, it uses call metrics and algorithms to estimate the amount of time each agent will spend on each call to optimize your efforts.

By predicting the length of the call, the dialer can then automatically call the next number and have it ready for answering within seconds of the previous call's end. Predictive dialer systems are also designed to estimate the number of calls that will go unanswered, so they dial multiple numbers at once to ensure every agent will have a call ready as soon as they're available.

Predictive dialers eliminate menial and inefficient processes, improving contact center reach and overall success. Every call dialed is an opportunity to convert, so adding a predictive dialer to your contact center can offer the resources and support you've been looking for.

Connect First's predictive dialer software

Whether you run an outbound or blended contact center, reaching the right prospects is key to your success. With Connect First's predictive dialer system software, we've designed a tool to help your entire contact center achieve call volume and sales goals.

The better your agents perform, the steadier your growth and results will be, so finding a solution that can get the job done is vital to your success. Enjoy a solution that maximizes outbound efficiency without sacrificing quality or limiting your overall contact center capabilities.


Reduce agent downtime

With manual dialing, your agents have to dial every number and take every call, whether it connects to a prospect or not. By integrating a predictive dialer system, however, you can drastically reduce the amount of time your agents spend doing tasks other than talking with leads.

Make every dial a contact, increasing agents' chances of holding a conversation with a live person on the other end. As they spend more time on the phone and less time distracted by less important tasks, your contact center will reap the benefits.

Improve your contact rate

Outbound predictive dialing software is designed to prevent every unsuccessful call from reaching your agents.

An estimated 25% of contact calls lead to a successful contact, so let this dialer do the dirty work of eliminating unsuccessful calls and reduce agent downtime. Reach more prospects, gain more chances to convert a new lead into a sale, and move everyone closer to reaching their daily goals.

Dial smarter

Our predictive dialing software is made smart to provide the best results in the most efficient way. It intelligently sorts numbers for those with the best prospects, screens call for those that won't result in a connection, and assigns calls to the agent most prepared to pick up the call when it's answered.

The latest in machine learning allows our predictive dialer algorithm to use customer information and contact center statistics to continuously improve your efforts. Automatically adjust to calling behaviors and patterns, increase call speeds and accuracy, and improve your results.

Best of all, these data-driven improvements are made every day, further improving your success the longer you use it.

Scale to fit your needs

Whether your company has a core group of salespeople, a contact center full of agents, multiple contact centers across the country, or operates as a BPO with multiple clients, our predictive dialer offers total scalability.

Add or remove agents as needed to meet new goals without impacting dial rate or contact success. The Connect First dialing system is made to adjust to each contact center's individual needs. Seamlessly scale dialing rates to fit each day's specific needs.

No matter how big or small your team is at any time, our predictive dialing software will keep them productive and effective from the minute they arrive.

Eliminate human error

Unless you are a dialing champion (and perhaps even then), you're bound to make a mistake when dialing number after number. Even if every number is dialed correctly, old processes still face the risk of directing the call to the wrong agent, increasing the chances of losing the connection and wasting the prospect's time.

Give your team every modern advantage. By employing a predictive dialing algorithm, you can ensure your contact center dials the right numbers and connects to the right people, every time.

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Your company has many goals. To meet them, you need the ability to run an unlimited number of campaigns at the same time.

Connect First's predictive software can set your dialer to target a different list of prospects for each campaign and adjust your predictive pacing to match that campaign's needs, automatically. Ensure your agents only talk to the prospects that can help you most, so you can reach all of your goals faster.

Enjoy a satisfactory ROI

We've developed all our software and services to be cost-effective, making them available and useful to businesses of any size. Our predictive dialing system affordable and provides a Return on Investment you can be happy about.

With the amount of time each agent can save, plus improvements in contact and conversion rates, you can enjoy benefits that are far greater than the cost.

Thrive in the cloud

Our predictive dialer system is fully cloud-based, meaning you can access your dialer and settings from any location, at anytime. This flexibility allows you to employ agents from their homes and other locations around the country and world. Give contact center management the ability to monitor and adjust your system from any location.

Best of all, our software requires nothing more than a computer and an internet connection to use, saving you from the cost and upkeep of additional hardware.

Customize to your exact needs

Fine-tune and design a system that best meets your contact center's needs. If you have contact centers or agents in multiple time zones, for example, you can set your dialer to account for these time changes and only run during the correct operating hours. With full control over your agent desktop and administrative interface designs, callback tools, dialing algorithms, scripts, call lists, and more, you can create a system that supports and enables your success, day-in and day-out.

Empower your team with unlimited integrations

The best way to reach new prospects is to understand who they are and why they might be interested in your services and products. Give your team the customer information they need to succeed with every call thanks to our predictive dialing software's open API that supports any and every third-party integration. With the right Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) and CRM integrations, agents and salespeople can access to everything they need to connect and convert.

Intelligently sort prospects

The quality of the numbers your dialer chooses to call is just as important as the quantity. Connect First's outbound predictive dialer intelligently pre-configures its list of numbers to find the prospects most likely to connect with your agents and eventually convert.

By pre-assigning these numbers based on your agents' stats, you can automatically direct each call to the person ready to take the call as soon as it connects and best equipped to meet the prospect's needs.

Track and analyze every call

Every mistake your agents make is another opportunity for improvement.

We've made it easy to use historical and real-time reporting to pinpoint the areas of your contact center that can be improved. Reporting tools  allow you to record every conversation for training, compliance, and quality assurance purposes, giving you knowledge and control of everything that happens on your floor.

Access call histories to discover important information for future contacts and keep your team up-to-date on center best practices. Our reporting tools offer data about each agent's call stats, including the daily number of calls made and the length of these calls, giving you the detailed information you need to make improvements on an individual level.

If a customer interaction isn't going well, our whisper tool allows any administrator to privately coach the agent through the call and also offers the ability to barge in on the call if it escalates.

As part of its intelligent design, our outbound predictive dialer also analyzes unsuccessful calls to determine the best next step, such as calling back later or scheduling a manual call from the agent who is best equipped to make a conversion.

Gain access to dynamic new tools

Our biggest priority is your empowerment and success.

With a simple integration, you can access our predictive dialer system and a large selection of tools that can further improve your results. Current options include multi-channel interactive voice response (IVR), voice recording, text to speech capabilities, full WFO/WFM solutions, and the use of our progressive, preview, manual, and power dialers.

Every powerful resource we offer is designed to exponentially increase your reach, conversions, and overall success.


  • Built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools
  • Comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions
  • Seamless agent blending
  • Advanced script building
  • Configurable callback tools
  • Full suite of queue and campaign configuration tools
  • User-friendly customizable agent desktop
  • Highly configurable administrative interface
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Dynamic list loading
  • Unlimited simultaneous campaigns
  • Predictive pacing algorithms set per campaign
  • Text to speech functionality
  • Granular pass count (allows a campaign to choose time between passes or dials to a specific phone number)
  • Multi-channel IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer
  • Manual dialer

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