Preview dialer

Increase the chance of closing a deal by giving agents time to get to know their next lead

Set agents up for success by giving them the opportunity to see the next call on their list. Once they're ready to engage, they put the outgoing call into motion.

Equip and empower agents

Agents can preview contact information before each call, prioritizing sales techniques

Minimize call times

Reduce time per call and sale by being prepared for every interaction

Enable sales success

Give your agents insight into where leads are in your funnel

Use auto-dialing to improve productivity

Improve dialing efficiency by eliminating the need to dial

Eliminate call uncertainties

No more delays, dropped calls, or unknown opportunities

Better target leads

Provide your agents with the information for their next call before it's dialed.

With preview dialer, agents are able to view relevant information and prepare for their next call before engaging with the customer or prospective customer, helping calls to feel more personalized and lead to better customer engagements.

Make calls more efficient

Every customer hates to repeat information, and agents dislike asking for it time and time again. With the Engage Voice preview dialer, agents can be more prepared and have a more effective and efficient call.

Agents who look at customer data before a call are able to effectively interact, anticipate questions, and address past concerns. From knowing that the customer just got back from a vacation to adapting the pitch for a manager versus the C-Suite, preview dialers make your sales simpler and more efficient.

Have a plan for higher margin calls

Loyal customers want to be treated as such. So a rapid dialer such as predictive dialer wouldn't be the best choice for customer engagements that deserve a little more time and attention.

For more complex, higher-margin sales where having a customer understanding and relationship is more important than speed of dial, the Engage Voice preview dialer is a tactical approach.


  • Built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools
  • Comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions
  • Seamless agent blending
  • Advanced script building
  • Configurable callback tools
  • Full suite of queue and campaign configuration tools
  • User-friendly customizable agent desktop
  • Highly configurable administrative interface
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Dynamic list loading
  • Unlimited simultaneous campaigns
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time historical reporting
  • Pre-Call lead preview
  • Pre-Call script preview
  • Comprehensive lead details and call history
  • Configurable lead information and metadata
  • Dynamic, real-time lead list control
  • Quota management for leads
  • Dialer lead caching
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Detailed and intuitive call history
  • Simple but powerful call hold and transfer abilities

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