Preview Dialer

Taking a look at predictive dialing vs preview dialing

Equip and empower agents

Agents can preview contact information before each call, prioritizing sales techniques

Minimize call times

Reduce time per call and sale by being prepared for every interaction

Enable sales success

Give your agents insight into where leads are in your funnel

Use auto-dialing to improve productivity

Improve dialing efficiency by eliminating the need to dial

Eliminate call uncertainties

No more delays, dropped calls, or unknown opportunities

Exploring contact center preview dialing

Preview dialers, sometimes called power dialers, are a growing piece of technology that can make winning a tough sale easier by creating and nurturing the relationship you have throughout the funnel.

With full data integrations and funnel support, today's preview dialers can be used to help qualify leads ahead of a call and even avoid reaching voicemails and wrong numbers during their call day.

Keep control where it matters most, in the hands of your experienced agents who are laser-focused on conversion.

How preview dialing works

A preview dialer is a contact or call center dialing tool that provides your agents with the information for their next call before it's dialed. Agents have a single screen that lists a variety of useful information so they can best target leads, customers, or other assets.

On the screen, your agent will see a list of potential next calls with a variety of information that's important to your outbound campaign. You can fully customize the data your Connect First preview dialer provides to ensure decisions are made with the most useful KPIs and more.

Agents who look at customer data before a call are able to effectively interact, anticipate questions, and address past concerns. From knowing that the customer just got back from a vacation to adapting the pitch for a manager versus the C-Suite, preview dialers make your sales simpler.

The entire process takes just three simple steps:

  • Connect your CRM or upload your contacts to our platform.
  • Give agents their login information with credentials and permissions.
  • Open the dashboard and choose from the available list to start the day's calls.

Preview dialer vs predictive dialer

One of the most common questions for this technology is what's better when comparing a preview dialer vs a predictive dialer for a business.

Preview dialers focus on providing your agents with the full picture of each potential call. They can sort and adapt based on their preferences and different requirements to select the best call. Whomever they want to approach, they get to call.

Predictive dialers do some of this work for your team, for better or worse. This intensive platform reviews your historical data to determine how many calls are likely to be unsuccessful. Based on that calculation, it calls more people than you have agents.

By over-dialing, it ensures that your agents have a steady stream of calls when the customer answers. The same data can be displayed to an agent, but only after the call connects. The dialer maximizes the number of people you're speaking with, but they aren't necessarily playing to the agent's strengths.

This structure causes something you might be familiar with, a sales call with a prompt that is followed by dead air and no agent. The predictive dialer connected too many callers and you were the unlucky one who is likely to abandon that call.

In many cases, a predictive dialer is more suited to high-volume, low-margin sales environments where your team simply wants to make as many connections as possible.

On the other hand, our preview dialer is designed best for more complex, higher-margin sales where having a customer understanding and relationship is more important. When you need to take a tactical approach, the preview can be the way to go.

The high-margin vs high-volume consideration is typically the way companies like yours make the preview dialer vs predictive dialer decision.


Provide important customer information ahead of each call

Preview dialers are specifically built to support complex sales campaigns and efforts at leading contact centers, whether your business is large or small.

Ahead of each call, your agent sees the most pertinent information pop up on their screen. They can read a profile of each potential option, prepare for what's next, and look for a strategy to make a personal connection.

The more research that your agents need to do to learn about customers or pitch a specific product, the better a preview dialer can be for you, especially in funnels with multiple touches and decision-makers. When your product or service needs buy-in from many, a preview dialer lets your agents know where in the funnel you are and how to approach this next step in the process.

Your agents are able to focus on what they think is the best chance for their next effort to meet their quotas and yours.

Improve call quality

Dropped calls are frustrating for agents and a waste of valuable time. When a call falls, the Connect First preview dialer automatically moves on to the next customer on your list. And, when calls result in successful contact, they are less likely to have a delay due to fatigue, searching for information, or either party not realizing the call is live. You get more calls and better results with less hassle.

Optimize call times

By providing customer data before the call is dialed, you allow your agents to offer the best representation of themselves and your company. Dial times are faster because the agent focuses on learning about the client information while the platform does the dialing. Even better, your agent gets to read and cut through unnecessary questions when the call connects.

Enhance your customer experience

With the preview data offered to your agents, your managers and systems can learn who performs best for each type of client or call.  With this information, Connect First's preview dialer automatically routes every call to the agent best equipped to take it.

Streamline operations

Our software offers full recording and auditing capabilities. Your managers can review data and monitor calls to ensure compliance and improve processes, ensuring your agents are at their best.

Monitor your performance

Advanced reporting capabilities allow you to monitor KPIs and learn what to do better. With smart dashboarding and metrics tracking, our preview dialer platform makes it easier to see what's working and where your campaign might need some fine-tuning.

Maximize efficiency

With one-click dialing technology, your team is able to make successful calls and move on to the next with minimal interruption. Notes, contact details, and editable data fields are all available at a single glance. Managers can also give them the option to choose and sort appointments, create reminders, and get call-back details in real-time.

The dialer also supports both inbound and outbound calls within one piece of software. No matter which agent is on the phone with which customer, they have the right data and context to succeed before anyone says "hello."

Minimize unnecessary effort

Preview dialers perform the calling for your agents so they can focus on learning while it tries the number and attempts to connect. If the contact isn't there or a machine picks up, the agent gets a prompt to move onto the next opportunity with minimal wasted time.

Plus, smarter options like ours give your team the best contacts to call at the right time. We make it easy to sort based on the hours of the business contact, time zones of the area code, state, city, and more. Whatever data you want to sort by, we'll support.

The system displays the full contact record and all related information, including transaction history, past conversations, and basic data right away. Your team only needs to learn and apply your marketing messaging without hunting across screens, searching for phone numbers, or hitting the wrong number and taking a minute to figure that out.

Create big savings for your team

Preview dialers are designed with a variety of savings in mind – for your company, contact center administrators, and agents.

Companies save by using a single piece of software to manage multiple campaigns and contact/sales centers. You have a platform designed to adapt to your needs and grow with your business, regardless of new products or hires.

By supporting inbound and outbound agents with our cost-effective preview dialing solution, you only need to buy a single piece of software to help your teams achieve their goals. With this single platform for all of your contact center needs, you can reduce the cost and time required for training, maximizing agent time and revenue.

Preview dialers also tend to be less expensive than more intense predictive dialers. By choosing the right software, you eliminate the need for additional hardware and gain access to our on-premise solution, which uses true cloud architecture to make it simple to expand.

You can further increase the profitability of a platform by improving conversion rates thanks to fewer dropped calls, reduced agent frustration, and more. Agents also save a significant amount of time by having all the data they need right on the screen in front of them and the next call lined up and ready.

Make calls quicker, solve issues faster, and establish a rapport with customers faster by having the most relevant information, placed on a single screen to prevent confusion or loss.

Contact center administrators are able to work faster and more efficiently for planning efforts by learning only a single piece of software that works for all inbound and outbound calls. They can focus on establishing KPIs and providing the training and optimization for teams of agents.

Boost contact centers of any size

Running a small to medium-sized contact center is no longer a barrier to adopting the latest technological advancements. Preview dialers have become affordable for teams of almost any size because with Connect First, they rely on cloud technologies.

A series of APIs and CRM integrations make it possible to work with all of your systems and data sources. No matter how you store information or take notes on your audience, our team will work with yours to establish the right connections and integrations.

You focus on the sales, and let Connect First do all the rest.

Offer the information your agents deserve

Connect First's preview dialer puts the power of your CRM and other data in the hands of agents when they need it. Cut through all the noise and deliver the most important information to them before and during the call.

Our dialer display is purpose-built to put agents in the best position and simplify the contact process, freeing them up to focus on the sale. You can see this in action from an agent or manager's perspective by scheduling a live demo.

Contact us and we'll work with you to learn more about your current contact center and your goals so you can see how the predictive dialer technology applies to your specific operations.


  • Built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools
  • Comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions
  • Seamless agent blending
  • Advanced script building
  • Configurable callback tools
  • Full suite of queue and campaign configuration tools
  • User-friendly customizable agent desktop
  • Highly configurable administrative interface
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Dynamic list loading
  • Unlimited simultaneous campaigns
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time historical reporting
  • (added the below)
  • Pre-Call lead preview
  • Pre-Call script preview
  • Comprehensive Lead details and call history
  • Configurable lead information and metadata
  • Dynamic, real-time lead list control
  • Quota management for leads
  • Dialer lead caching
  • (other, generic features)
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Detailed and intuitive call history
  • Simple but powerful call hold and transfer abilities

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