Progressive Dialer

Improving lead contact with progressive dialer software

Maximize time with leads

Increase your amount of successful contacts, maximizing the time your agents spend speaking with customers and potential leads

Improvement over manual dials

Automate the dialing process with machines that dial faster than people and eliminate human errors and misdials.

Data for every call

Track, record, and analyze calls and dials for compliance, quality, and training purposes

For inbound centers, too!

Inbound centers can use the progressive dialer to contact abandoned callers or to reach out for follow-ups with prior contacts. It’s much more efficient than manual dialing.

Understanding the progressive dialer system

Decades ago, contact center agents were burdened by having to dial manually. Contact center agents sat at their desk, lifting the phone and punching in number after number with a small hope of connecting with a prospective lead - day after day after day.

As they started, the agent's focus was on the phone number, not the person at the end of the call. Progressive dialing eliminates the manual process, allowing your agents to view and focus on lead information and history before that person even picks up the phone.

Efficiency stays high as the progressive dialer quickly moves past  busy, disconnected, or unanswered numbers, and dials on to the next viable lead. Best of all, this automated tool works independently in the background, supporting each agent's efforts without requiring them to do more than speak with each successful contact.

Plus, the smart platform can apply a quota management feature to meet the optimal lead mix you define for any campaign. With real-time control, the progressive dialer adapts as you need and even supports changes to threshold numbers midstream.

Call hundreds more numbers every day and help your team meet their quotas by connecting with a campaign's most important prospects. Progressive dialers are a top resource to help keep agents busy while cutting down on abandoned calls.

Optimizing your lead connections

Quality customer interactions are the goal of every agent. They lead to more sales and happier customers. The faster you can make these calls, the better your floor performs and the more revenue your company can bring in each month.

Using Connect First's progressive dialing software, your team will connect with more leads with less time and effort required to reach each prospect.

By taking over your contact center's more menial tasks and improving your day-to-day processes, our progressive dialer gives you the time and resources you need to increase your leads and sales.

Increase agent performance no matter your contact center's size, services, or goals.


Increase productivity

You have daily goals that must be met to maintain your revenue, growth, and success. With a progressive dialer, meet or even exceed these goals without putting additional stress on your agents or more agents on your budget.

By automating calls to your prospects and ensuring every agent is continuously making valuable connections, you can reduce agent downtime and increase the leads you find. Our progressive dialer software also streamlines additional tasks and workflows, so agents can focus on the work that matters most.

Expand your reach

Manual dialing significantly limits the quantity of numbers your agents can dial and the number of those dials that connect. It wastes time best spent selling.

Automating these dials with a progressive dialer widens reach considerably. Combining automation with our dialer software's ability to adapt to campaign needs further expands the number of prospects you can reach each hour.

Give your agents the best chance to make contact with the people most likely to convert and watch as your sales grow.

Strengthen your conversions

Every additional call is a chance at another conversion. Move past the inefficiency of manual dialers while giving agents the information they need thanks to our intelligent platform.

Integrating our progressive dialer software with your contact center systems may significantly improve the amount of contacts agents make, giving you the advantage in the numbers game when for conversions. You can even set your progressive dialer to connect agents to numbers that go to voicemail, opening the opportunity to connect with every lead, even when they're unavailable.

We'll connect your business with the right people and give your agents the resources they need to start effective conversations.

Enjoy easy implementation and easier use

Our progressive dialer offers a seamless implementation, integrating with your system without the need for additional hardware or software installations. Using true cloud architecture, we significantly reduce the time and effort required to get started.

We've built our entire platform to be a breeze to use for both new and veteran agents alike. They'll be able to start progressive dialing your prospects within hours, getting your contact center on its way to better processes and faster results.

Analyze and improve

The best way to improve your responses, training, and outcomes is to find what you're doing wrong and learn how to fix it. Our progressive dialer allows you to record and track your calls to provide the information you need to improve, remain compliant, and control the quality of your service.

Access your contact center and company-wide stats to analyze performance and develop the processes that are most effective based on your customer profiles.

Connect instantly

The Connect First progressive dialer eliminates the lags and pauses that other systems create between when a call is answered and assigned to an agent.

Empower your agents to start speaking with prospects right away, putting them on the best path to make successful contact with every lead.

Equip your agents

The quicker your agents have information about their leads, the more likely they are to close a sale. To provide this information, our progressive dialer is built with an open API that allows for any third-party integrations you may need.

With progressive dialing, your agent sees the data before the call starts. Our intelligent platform can include information from a variety of sources, such as past interaction data captured by your CRM. By accessing a full history for each number at all times, your agents can utilize notes from previous calls and any important information pertaining to that lead.

Every bit of information matters, so give your agents their best shot with the integrations you need.

Access leads anywhere and anytime

Our software is specifically designed to work entirely on the cloud, which allows agents to access all of its features from home or their contact center. Your team can reach prospects through our built-in softphone for top service, or extend access to landlines and mobile phones when you need a backup option.

This allows agents to work from all over the office, city, and world - improving their experience and your contact center's potential. Our progressive dialer enables you to continue making sales and working leads, with less management and oversight. Focus on the business insights and improvements so your agents can focus on closing leads.

You can also restrict the system to prevent people from using it outside your office, keeping the protection you and your clients need.

Take advantage of list sorting

Whether you're a BPO with multiple clients or a business running several campaigns at the same time, you can use your progressive dialer to reach out to the right leads for each.

Actively target numerous goals without having to neglect any campaigns or clients based on the day's needs or current campaign statuses. Change your quotas at any time and our system will take these revisions and automatically adjust campaigns to reflect your changes.

Customize your use

Traditional progressive dialing is used for outbound purposes, but we don't believe a system should limit your goals or uses.

The Connect First progressive dialer supports outbound and blended functionalities, giving you the tools to meet all of your goals through one platform. Make and receive calls as best fits your current business needs.

Enable multi-channel communications

While our progressive dialer is made primarily for direct calls, it also enables conference calls, email, and scheduled call-backs. No matter what situation your agents encounter or what your customers prefer, our progressive dialer enables and empowers the connections necessary for successful contact.

Create powerful scripts

Your scripts are carefully designed to reach the right prospects and convert them into leads and sales. Our progressive dialer software offers advanced scripting capabilities, allowing you to tailor conversations that will produce the best results.

Robust scripting features with automated dialing support keep agents actively engaged and ready for every interaction and potential outcome.

Scale to meet your needs

Whether you are a small or mid-sized business, large corporation, campaign manager, or BPO, you can scale our software to fit your size and needs.

Easily add or remove agents as needed, plus pick the dialing rate, listing sorting, and use that best empowers your team to meet your goals. Customize your progressive dialer to each contact center's local area by using local area codes and numbers to contact prospects in the vicinity, increasing the chances of making contact.  You can also adjust your dialer to use in multiple campaigns and contact centers at once, giving you every opportunity to make more connections, faster.

Enjoy limitless uses

Though it was created with businesses in mind, our progressive dialer can be used for any organization that needs to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. It's been successfully employed for fundraisers, political campaigns, and many other purposes.

Drastically increases the quantity of numbers you can call and the potential goals you can achieve.


  • Advanced historical reporting
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Mobile capabilities
  • API-enabled list management
  • Active campaign list filtering
  • Easy CRM Integration
  • Robust third-party integrations
  • Dynamic end-call dispositions
  • Real-Time SOAP/web service data transfers
  • Granular campaign controls
  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • Change agent count
  • Seamless inbound and outbound call blending
  • Call tracking & recording

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