TCPA Safe dial

Giving you tools to help keep your call center protected

TCPA compliance is a must within the contact center industry. Be confident in your call center's compliance efforts with Connect First's Safe Dial tools. The Connect First Safe Dial solution has the tools to help you manage your compliance* through human intervention, risk management, and intelligent technology.

Compliance-supporting tools come standard

The TCPA is a federal statute that aims to safeguard consumer privacy by setting restrictions around telemarketing and the use of automated dialers to cellular telephone numbers. Extensive rules and regulations demand a solid compliance plan. The best way to manage your campaigns and compliance with industry and governmental regulations in real time is through the use of on-demand, compliance-supporting tools. The Connect First Safe Dial solution offers just that, with features like agent click-to-dial, integrated national and state DNC (Do Not Call) list-scrubbing, along with frequent cell phone list-scrubbing, call monitoring, and whitelist management.

What does TCPA compliance look like?

TCPA compliance is a multifaceted solution involving appropriate systems, processes, and training. From a software perspective, the TCPA puts strict limitations on the use of an ATDS solution for certain outbound phone calls. For such calls, the TCPA requires providers to use a non-ATDS solution — one that is completely segregated from any auto dialing equipment and does not have the capacity to dial or produce telephone numbers to be called using a random or sequential number generator. The Connect First Safe Dial solution is a standalone product offering functional tools that can help contact centers manage compliance while still utilizing platform tools that allow for efficiency and ease of use.

Avoid compliance traps

Our advanced quick-search features allow for comprehensive date/time record control. Quickly and precisely look up where and when any call was placed, and use that information to check against carrier records if call origination ever comes into question. Connect First also offers a known litigator list-scrubbing service to help you identify known parties who attempt to lure call centers into dialing cellular telephone numbers in order to sue for consumer protection violations.

*Connect First makes no claims or guarantees that by using Safe Dial, your contact center solution will be TCPA-compliant. It is your exclusive responsibility to ensure TCPA compliance.


Implement Compliance Tools
Connect First's SAFE Dial solution provides tools to help you adhere to TCPA regulations through human intervention, risk management, and intelligent technology. TCPA violations are common in the call center industry — don’t risk your contact center’s operational safety with dialer solutions that skimp on compliance-supporting tools.

Our compliance-supporting tools include a click-to-dial solution that requires agent intervention to place calls. And we offer full integration with Do Not Call list management services to help you proactively manage risk in your call center. Our intelligent dialer technology was built to make managing compliance easy and effective.

For example, due to number portability, a phone number that was a landline yesterday could be a mobile phone number tomorrow. To help you keep up with the changing times, we offer tools like Rescrub Interval, an option that lets you to choose how often to re-scrub your campaign lists against an updated database of registered cellular telephone numbers.

Enhance Agent Productivity
Most TCPA solutions out there are inefficient and cumbersome and can slow your agents down. Other solutions might be more lightweight, but don't really support compliance. Get higher efficiency with Connect First’s simple, compliance-supporting, click-to-dial solution and experience increased agent productivity while mitigating risk.

Connect First's full suite of streamlined compliance tools offer extensive configuration on the admin side, allowing you to easily configure campaign settings to help you avoid compliance risks. Meanwhile, you can still configure the agent interface for maximum efficiency so agents can simply log in and begin making calls.

Customize dashboards, display relevant stats, set up helpful monitoring and coaching tools, and watch agent productivity soar, even as you actively address compliance requirements.

Increase Operational Efficiency
The Connect First SAFE Dial solution provides comprehensive defensible record-keeping and requires no additional hardware to activate. Its interface is similar to standard Connect First solutions, so you can save time and costs on agent training, and agents can switch from standard dialers to SAFE Dial quickly and easily.

Our SAFE Dial tools were developed in-house, by the same team of dedicated developers and product experts that built the entire Connect First platform. As with all our solutions, we utilized insights and feedback from real platform users while building SAFE Dial. We also consulted industry experts to ensure our solutions were perfectly designed to help you manage compliance.

As always, we kept a strong focus on usability, performance, and overall value. The result? A fast, unified, highly configurable interface that optimizes your operations and helps keep your business running smoothly.


At Connect First, we're known for our reliability, stability, functionality, and service. Our dedication to creating superior call center software is reflected not only in our platform’s unmatched performance, but also in the small but important details we obsess over so you don’t have to. Our SAFE Dial solution is just one example of our commitment to provide you with solutions that elegantly address real challenges in your business. Staying compliant in a world of ever-changing rules and regulations can take time and effort. Take charge of your call center’s compliance with our unique, tailored tools for TCPA compliance — and beyond.

  • Tools to manage TCPA compliance
  • Cell Phone scrubbing and re-scrubbing intervals
  • Custom whitelist management
  • Litigator scrubbing
  • Standalone, physically segregated dialing module
  • Calls are dialed by agents on a one-to-one ratio
  • No random or sequential number generation capabilities
  • Human intervention required to place calls
  • API integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Integrated manual dialing
  • Native WebRTC-based softphone
  • WFO/WFM integrations
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • DNC compliance tools
  • Real-time list manager
  • Dynamic script builder
  • Powerful IVR solution

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