IVCTI: Computer Telephony Integration | Call Pops

Screen pops & computer telephony integration (CTI)

Facilitate satisfactory solutions

Improve first contact resolution rates by giving agents the right information they need to solve problems

Improve customer interactions

Lower average handle times by helping agents find data faster, improving the customer experience

Empower and equip agents

Pre-authentication support ensures your agents know the customer and the history as soon as the call is answered

Offer a personalized customer experience

Personalize every customer interaction and improve problem tracking with robust, historical data

Enable collaboration for conflict resolution

Simplify collaboration with data sharing and easy-to-find tags when a call is escalated the data travels with it

Exploring CTI screen pop software

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology is a system that brings together phones and computer systems, most often contact center response software. It can help your business achieve a variety of aims including improving customer service, reducing the time it takes to resolve customer issues, and even enhancing your sales capabilities.

It's called CTI screen pops because the interface has screens with customer data that literally pop up and display the most relevant information for your agent to use.

These screens are easy to navigate and provide ample support in searching for customer information as well as methods to resolve the problems that your callers have. It's a simple and direct way to understand the customer, track their issues, address their concerns, and keep them satisfied for the long term.

If increasing customer lifetime value and encouraging repeat sales matters to your business, then CTI screen pop software is a tool purpose-built for you.

How it works

When you have CTI screen pop software enabled, the system kicks on whenever a call or other interaction happens. The data associated with the customer, automatic by phone number or accessible through fields such as email, is recognized by the system and "pops" onto your agent's computer screen.

The data comes from your internal systems, as well as applications such as CRMs, and can provide as much, or as little, information as you would like the agent to see.

Automating the process removes wait time for your customers. Agents no longer need to manually search for data, input multiple layers of information, or place customers on hold. All of the data that you've tied to a phone number is accessible.


Utilize a single-screen approach

Jumping back and forth between screens leads to more mistakes. Agents can miss key pieces of data, may move ahead too far in resolution steps, or can lose information they've collected when accidentally closing the wrong tab.

This eats up time and leads to frustrated customers.

CTI is designed to help stop that annoyance from happening. It eliminates the disruptions, hold times, and pauses that customers experience and makes it easier for agents to hold a natural conversation.

You get a system that provides a single, unified desktop for everything they need, from current issues and contact data to historical problems and even trends your business has identified.

CTI screen pops can also dynamically adapt to the details agents input. So, if you have customers calling about price concerns and know that similar demographic groups responded well to new-contract discounts and price savings when adding a new service, your CTI can automatically make that recommendation to agents.

All of this happens seamlessly thanks to displays on a single screen that progresses alongside the call.

Deliver better service

Companies of all sizes find that implementing CTI can increase the service they deliver by lowering their average handle time and increasing their FCR rates. Sales teams also report that they're better able to close deals and increase order sizes.

It starts with leveraging the customer data you have to understand the caller and personalize the response. If the customer uses a self-service tool or IVR, call center software can route them based on the next available agent or the one best suited to address the concern.

From here, the CTI picks up those clues and delivers the most relevant information to the agent as the call initiates. Knowing the issue and the customer's experience level can speed your path to the proper resolution.

Improve customer interactions

CTI screen pops are designed to improve your ability to provide service and generate sales. They do this through a variety of functionalities, including:

  • Provides detailed customer information to the agent as soon as the call is routed to them and answered.
  • Agents can quickly access accounts, past issues, and more within the screen pop menu.
  • Agents making outbound calls can have customer data auto-populated on their screen as soon as the next number is selected for a call.
  • Provides support for leading sales and service technologies such as auto-dialing contacts.
  • Calls can be automatically logged and recorded, both for QA purposes and for creating individual client records to look for recurring issues or concerns.
  • Our CTI solution collects data to help generate a holistic view of service. This can easily be adapted to provide insight into your most important KPIs.

Connect First's cloud contact center also helps you simplify customer engagements for your agents.

Experience the cloud difference

Connect First provides True Cloud Architecture for our solutions, including our CTI screen pop software.

Through innovation and smart support of the latest technologies, we've pushed past old requirements that once limited CTI to an on-premise solution. By delivering the service on the cloud, we've also made CTI screen pop options available to companies of all sizes, not just the largest enterprises.

By pushing this to the cloud, we ensure that your agents can add data in real time and automatically share it across any other participant on a call. When support or an escalation are requested, everyone involved in the customer engagement gets the most relevant information immediately.

Cloud platforms also allow us to provide redundancies for both your contact center calls and the data on the CTI. We've eliminated the single point of failure so your customers always get proper service and no one loses the hard work they've performed.

Discover a solution that your company can afford, with minimized maintenance and upkeep concerns, by contacting us directly or seeing a free demo of our CTI Screen Pop Software.

Reduce costs

In a nutshell, we know that inbound call center costs generally rise in two ways:

  • The length of time to resolve customer issues increases
  • The overall call volume increases

We've positioned our CTI system to help you tackle both at the same time.

Delivering the right data to your team speeds up the conversation with the customer about the problem. They don't have to provide dozens of data points or sit on hold while an agent searches. As soon as verification happens, which some choose to perform based solely on the phone number, proper information is delivered.

Your agents get to dive right into understanding the issue and solving it, maximizing the number of talk-minutes per hour and calls supported per day.

When it comes to increases in call volume, the main area where contact center software can support your team is by reducing the likelihood of callbacks. The more problems we can help you resolve the first time, the less those repeat calls will clog up the pipes.

CTI supports this resolution by giving your team the best and most up-to-date data to work from for each call. Every time you update client information or improve the help documents that your team accesses, your CTI is configured to automatically grab the latest version.

We also help you cut costs and speed up resolutions by automating the call-back process if the system detects a disconnect and by potentially reducing the number of agents you need as you address more questions faster.

Enjoy a simple design

Our entire platform is designed to be intuitive to use and learn. Most features are automated while the main interaction points, such as the searching and clicking through on customer data, are built to look and feel like popular services your agents use in their daily lives.

The Connect First system stays within a single window and clearly labels every piece of information, as well as the ways to find out more or ask a question.

Agents get something that feels familiar and is intuitive to navigate whenever they come across a new problem. Plus, you can choose to display, lock, or hide information in order to smooth the support process.

By allowing for detailed configuration, you can keep things simple or get as complex as you need. It's support designed for your custom business needs and agents' capabilities.

Access CRM integration and more

To make the most of CTI screen pop capabilities, you need robust and reliable data. We've made that easy for you by integrating with a variety of leading CRMs and other applications. Our partners list continues to grow, allowing more customers to enter their data only once and use it everywhere they need.

Connect First also supports API-based connections and integration, allowing us to use data from a variety of non-traditional sources. These remove the rigidity of past integrations and allow us to adapt based on our customers' needs.

Whether you need outbound support, help resolving customer issues faster, or simply want your agents to deliver the best service by knowing a customer even before they pick up the phone, Connect First has the tools and solutions to help.


  • Built-in agent monitoring and coaching tools
  • Comprehensive WFO/WFM solutions
  • Seamless agent blending
  • Advanced script building
  • Configurable callback tools
  • Full suite of queue and campaign configuration tools
  • User-friendly customizable agent desktop
  • Highly configurable administrative interface
  • Easy CRM integration
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time reporting
  • (added the below)
  • Real-time screen pops
  • Highly configurable in-call agent views
  • Canned responses for agents
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Detailed and intuitive call history
  • Simple but powerful call hold and transfer abilities
  • Advanced inbound call routing
  • Configurable, selectable outbound caller ID
  • Powerful Disposition engine for post-call events
  • Configurable dispositions

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