Seamlessly connect with all your customers via an architecturally sound platform featuring
no single point of failure and the highest uptime in the industry.

 Connect First IVR.

Self-Service That Serves You Too
Use our powerful IVRs to manage call volume while keeping agents free to take more complex calls. Customers get to handle their needs quickly and easily, and you can get by with fewer human resources, saving you money and keeping your customers satisfied.

 Easy CRM and CMS integration.

We Play Nice With Others
Integrate our platform with your existing CRMs and CMSs to aid information management and provide more holistic service to your customers. All of your information conveniently connects to provide better answers, support, and services.

 Improve agent performance with configurable dashboards.

Ditch Costly Learning Curves
Our highly configurable agent desktop makes it easy to set up your staff for success; agents require minimal training and support with its intuitive interface. Improve agent dexterity in implementing processes and procedures, and save time and money.

 Holistic partnerships.

Beyond Integrations
We cultivate partnerships with trusted providers who can help you maintain compliance and leverage our solutions across multiple channels, making it easy for you to combine all the parts you need to create a holistic solution to your organization’s unique needs.

Healthcare favorite features

Universal APIs
Utilize your data’s full potential to create tailored solutions for your customers.

Responsive HTML5
Get instant high-performance access to vital information from any mobile device.

Sustain smooth, uninterrupted service and connections with our unmatched 99.999% uptime.

Real-Time Dashboards
Drive operational efficiencies and improve patient outcomes with real-time information.

Provide smarter service to customers using our powerful call routing engine.

Configurable Agent Desktops
Create agent desktops that facilitate maximum support opportunities for your customers.

Outbound Dialer
Filter out unproductive calls and maximize agent productivity with our compliance-supporting dialer.

Robust Security Model
Safeguard sensitive information and protect your organization with granular administrative security settings.

Reporting Studio
Measure important metrics to build, maintain, and cultivate your patient base.


The healthcare industry demands compliance, unmatched support, and a stable platform that can integrate easily with a multitude of systems and applications. Choose from our full suite of contact center products and trusted partnerships to build the perfect solution to your organization’s unique needs.