Self-Service Tools Made Simple.


Save time and money, provide better customer service, and increase your contact center's productivity with Connect First’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Drag and drop to create a customized IVR that maximizes agent time and enhances customer satisfaction via a simple but powerful suite of self-service tools.

 Interactive Voice Response System

Watch Customer Loyalty Increase With Improved Engagement.

IVR (Interactive voice response) call center software is call automation at its finest. An interactive voice response system can quickly direct and route callers and leads. It can even process sales and provide or update information. With our tools, you can build truly self-service IVRs. Customers can place orders and update their accounts on their own. You can create menus that offer instant routing to people and services. And it all happens with the touch of a button or a spoken response.

Speech recognition software is a great tool we offer to engage customers. They can use natural speech to make choices or move on to the next step. You can use it to edit account details, collect secure payments, and alert customers about new changes.

Meanwhile, you provide tailored service every step of the way. Integrate your CRM to access a caller’s account the second they call in. Send their name and account details to your agents before they even pick up the phone. Use agent whisper tools to keep agents up to speed, or just barge into a call to give helpful notes on how to better serve the customer. Add a set of high quality reporting tools and everyone wins. You get a clear view of how your interactive voice response system improves your business. Your customers get to serve themselves, faster than ever before.

Our advanced interactive voice response technology helps you achieve both simple and complex goals. Since customer satisfaction is our main goal, we’ve made it easy to design, edit, and build custom IVRs for your business.


Save Time and Money

Connect First's IVR technology helps your business and your customers save time and effort. With easy drag and drop tools you can set up useful IVRs in minutes. The time you and your agents save translates into cost savings and a bigger bottom line.

Start Saving Money Immediately

An interactive voice response system costs pennies per minute, unlike live agents, who can cost you dollars per minute. And unlike call center agents, an IVR never calls in sick, doesn't require costly training, and has no learning curves.

Maximize Agent Time

Agent time is precious. Increase productivity by sending common questions and standard processes to a smart interactive voice response solution. Automate the easy stuff and you'll free up more time for your agents. With less agents active on your phone lines, you’ll see serious savings on costly voice channels. Customers save time too, as you create faster connections to the people and services they need.

Provide Better Service

People reward great service with their loyalty. Set up simple, user-friendly tools to serve your customers better. Schedule your IVRs to stop and start for any event. Connect callers to numbers outside of your system. Use touch tones that require just a press of a button to make a choice. Make it easy for them and you’ll see the results in your growth.

Increase First Contact Resolution

Design IVRs that take over all your agents' small tasks. Connect First's IVR solution can quickly route callers to any number of internal and external sites. Agents can provide faster and more accurate service and resolve customer needs and issues in record time.

Integrate to Automate

Let our open API do the legwork for you. Connect an external database and link to your CRM, or use our web service tools to send and receive data to and from any site you choose. Your customers can use these integrations to resolve their own needs, whether it's checking their account balance or putting their newspaper subscription on vacation hold.

Build to Your Specifications

We offer both standard solutions for simple call requirements and custom solutions for more complex needs. Let the power of a perfectly tailored interactive voice response system guide your customers through a seamless journey.

Do It Yourself

Connect First's IVR Studio was designed for ease of use. That means any business user can drag, drop, and easily create the IVR they need in minutes. No need to learn to code or hire costly programmers. If you do happen to have some Javascript knowledge, you'll find the sky's the limit to the creative IVRs you can build with our intuitive tools.

...But Get Help If You Need it

We get it — building an IVR can be a daunting task. If you're not sure what systems you need, just ask. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals take the guesswork out of the process and help you craft the best solution for your business. Lean on us for best practices, advice on how to structure scripts for maximum efficiency, and tips on menu organization to get customers where they need to go — faster.

Connect First IVR Builder

  • Modern HTML5 interface for maximum responsiveness across all devices
  • 100% browser-based technology for enhanced accessibility
  • Speech-enabled call routing for faster, more accurate resolution
  • On-demand text to speech
  • Scripting injection for complex methods
  • Automated API consumption for expanded integration
  • HTTP (REST/SOAP) API integration hooks
  • Full debug output for speedy debugging
  • Post-call email capability for convenient follow-up
  • Simple call flow management
  • Robust integration with third parties
  • Fully integrated Javascript engine for complex call control and integration
  • Asynchronous call event processing
  • Detailed exception handling for invalid inputs
  • Programmatically controlled call flow and branching
  • Zero installation (fully integrated with the Connect First call center system software)
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Alphanumeric inputs
  • Effortless processing of complex business rules
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Simple to complex routing trees, real-time integrations
  • Audio recording with stop-and-start call capability for security, compliance, and customer service optimization
  • Predetermined schedule branching
  • Internal and external call transfers (to PSTN, SIP, VoIP or to any other Connect First product)
  • Pre-recorded message capability (hold music, audio files, etc)
  • Custom caller IDs
  • Agent whisper and barge-in capability
  • Intelligent callback options
  • TT (Touch Tone) Accept