Make plans for the future

Make informed business decisions, and know your contact center inside and out with simple, smart reporting.

Discover in-depth insights

Our advanced reporting features offer an in-depth look at both the broad and specific details of your operations, giving you deeper insight into your contact center and the customer experience.

Additional features, such as our customizable alerts and historical reporting, keep you informed of every change in your performance and stats. With this knowledge, you can discover new growth opportunities and enhance future sales campaigns.

Create the ideal dashboard

CF Analytics was designed to offer all of the information you need at your fingertips, from inbound and outbound to queue times, call times, and agent utilization. With our customizable dashboards, you can create a visual display of to-the-minute updates on the data in your contact center. 

Bring your data together

Gain a better understanding of your data with multiple viewing options and more ways to slice it for an all-encompassing view of your operations. From big-picture analysis to granular understanding, Analytics provides the insight you need to make the best decisions for your contact center and your company.

Call center reporting highlighted features

Historical reporting

Make strategic decisions using reports for every major category, including agent, chat, inbound, outbound, tracking, account info, and more.

Real-time dashboards

Intuitive, easy-to-use, and full of time-saving features. Drag and drop the elements you need to create dynamic, information-rich dashboards.

Customizable alerts

Receive email, SMS, or audible tone alerts when contact center data dips below a threshold that you predetermine and control.

Call data

Access all call data, including call details, results, agent information, and call recordings, from a single view.

Raw data API

Optimize raw data use by integrating third-party reporting tools and using third-party data streams alongside platform data.

To-the-minute metrics

Efficiently check in on queues, campaigns, agents, and more by predetermining the columns and data most important to your contact center.

Customizable dashboards

Customize real-time dashboards for any business need, accommodating anything from individual use to big screen wallboards for group use.

Scheduled & delivered reports

Schedule reports on set time increments and data sets. You can also choose the delivery destinations, such as sending reports as an email.

Reducing monthly costs by nearly 20%

We helped ViaSource reduce human error and improve efficiency, resulting in dramatic savings and success.

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