Optimize scheduling and engage & retain your agents

Agents are your most powerful asset. Keep them happy and engaged with best-fit schedules and workload optimization.

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Smarter efficiency gains powered by your data

Always have the agent coverage you need with a single dashboard that highlights and helps you optimize schedules down to the minute. Offer preferred schedules, optimize break scheduling, and retain the expertise you need while also allowing agents to trade shifts, give time away, request vacations, and more. You can also push information from the scheduler to supervisors, leaders, and personal calendars, keeping everyone informed.

Work overload decreases productivity by 68% in employees, creating a significant need for better schedule and workforce management.


Plan, predict, and save

Forecasting with our easy-to-understand forecast and prediction module can guarantee the coverage you need when you need it. Use reporting to understand staffing needs and gain insight into time off, shift changes, and other historical workforce events. With this information, your workplace can engage and equip your agents, creating an effective, happy staff and reducing the cost and effort of finding and training new agents.

Improve your ability to serve customers

With agent performance reports, you can analyze contact center data and individual agent performance. Plus, you can learn which agents are performing best and identify coaching opportunities for low-performing agents.

Discover what your customers need from your agents and use this information to improve both your workforce and customer relationships.

Reducing agent downtime by 90%

When iPacesetters switched to CF Agent, they discovered dramatic improvements in agent downtime, call quality, and more.

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