Get the tools you need to spot trends and identify recurring issues in your contact center.
Then watch productivity, long-term resolutions, and customer satisfaction soar.

 Connect First uptime of 99.999%.

Consistency is Key
Our platform has an unmatched uptime of 99.999%, ensuring smooth, consistent service, fewer disruptions, happier customers, and more productive agents. At the end of the day, that translates into a heftier bottom line for you and your business.

 CRM integration.

Integrate With Ease
We offer effortless integration with your existing CRM, allowing agents to view information on callers, modify those records as needed, and save changes back to your database without missing a beat.

 Contact center call routing solutions.

Optimize Call Routing
Dynamically direct callers to where they’re best served using our feature-rich routing solutions. Simply enter your requirements into our intuitive system and modify if needed, as needed. Watch customer satisfaction skyrocket with your strategic routing practices.

 Customizable reporting dashboards.

Resolutions Made Simple
Utilize our extensive call documentation options and advanced reporting features to analyze call traffic and customer needs in more depth. Then leverage the insights gained to further refine processes and provide faster, wiser resolutions.

Service and support favorite features

Universal APIs
Integrate multiple systems to allow smooth data flow between your personnel and platforms.

Responsive HTML5
Service-on-the-go made easy with high-performance access from any mobile device.

Reporting Studio
Customer satisfaction is key: track it closely with our advanced reporting solutions.

Real-Time Dashboards
Create one-stop-shop dashboards for instant overviews of your business’s health.

Robust Security
Granular security settings allow for in-depth permissions management — at every level.

Stay connected with automated failover protection and seamless 99.999% uptime.

Configurable Agent Desktop
Use our intuitive technology to attract and retain the right talent.

Improve call resolution with a host of skills-based agent routing options.

Robust Security Model
Modify user access easily and quickly to adapt to your your contact center’s changing needs.

IVR Builder
Build IVRs that direct call flows seamlessly, saving agent time and increasing ROI.