Contact center software built with your business in mind


15 years of BPO partnerships, put to work for you

Built for BPOs

Since 2005, we've perfected a cloud-first, BPO-minded contact center as a service (CcaaS) software that meets current needs and enables sustainable growth for years to come. We help you provide big business functionality at an affordable price, finding the best processes so you can provide top quality customer service.

Designed with you in mind

When we say we're BPO-minded, we aren't kidding. BPOs are our bread and butter, making up a full half of our total clients. Our work with these clients has helped us fully understand the unique needs of your business and our 97% client retention rate has shown that we're doing it right.

Tried-and-true implementation

Dozens of BPOs have trusted us with their business and clients over the years, so we know what to expect when it comes to implementation. Our dedicated implementation and training process is completely hands-on and designed to meet your specific needs, getting you self-sufficient and running in less time and with fewer errors than anyone else.

The integrated softphone is amazing, the call quality is amazing, and there are so many good features about it. I’d say if you’re thinking about moving to Connect First, don’t wait, just do it.

Sarah Lawes, Director of Workforce Management/Analytics, iPacesetters


Enabling you to meet every client need

Your needs, met

Our fully scalable platform gives you the control to run multiple accounts at the size and scale needed. With our omnichannel solutions, we also enable you to offer every channel your clients require, allowing you to provide big business functionality at an affordable price. With full system control, you can reduce your supplier dependency and meet your clients' needs now and through any future growth and changes.

Unlimited third-party integrations

You depend on multiple integrations to meet your clients' needs. With our True Cloud Architecture, we've developed software that works with all third-party integrations, at any point in our platform. This flexibility allows you to eliminate any obstacles to potential clients, expand your client pool, and improve the services you offer.

Configurable for every client

Our platform can be configured to meet your clients' every need, down to the lowest common denominator. Every configuration is available through your dashboard, giving you the granular control to offer exactly what your clients need, when they need it. Best of all, you get this big-business, detailed functionality at an affordable price, allowing you to run multiple campaigns without stressing your budget.


Optimizing your experience now to ensure success in the future

Unmatched, dedicated support

At Connect First, we succeed when you do. From the minute we connect, we offer unparalleled, 24/7 support for you and your team. With a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to optimize and customize your deployment, you can have confidence that your success is our top priority.

Your total, affordable solution

Our services are designed to reduce the price you pay now and your total cost of ownership (TCO) for years to come. By creating a better UI, focusing on increased productivity, and improving overall efficiency, we've created a contact center solution that takes less time to adopt, requires fewer hours of training, and offers everything you need without additional fees or surprise costs.

Capabilities for today and tomorrow

Your customers may be happy with voice interactions today, but shifting technologies and consumer needs may demand additional channels in the future. With our omnichannel capabilities, you can use voice, chat, and SMS/MMS channels to meet customers where they're at, improving customer satisfaction and protecting your investment for life.

Big business functions built for a smaller size

Dependability, simplicity and support to help you create the engagements your customers have come to expect from a business your size.

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