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Finding freedom and control through Connect First's cloud contact center solution

CaptureNet was feeling trapped. As a software and service provider that offered self-pay management to hospitals around the U.S., high-quality customer service was vital to their growth and success. When they set up a new customer service team to handle inbound calls, their contracted contact center service had agreed to take over the increasing volume of inbound traffic. As they progressed with this new arrangement, however, they experienced a significant decline in the quality of their calls and processes.

  • Offers hospitals a software and service hybrid solution that enables comprehensive self-pay management
  • Analyzes and automates to improve liquidation rates, update processes, and enhance patient experiences
  • Offers call center support through patient representative agents in client communities across the nation
  • Eliminated lost customer and call data by taking full control of contact center system
  • Increased data access, supported decision-making process, and improved patient engagement
  • Enjoyed a smooth implementation process with reliable support and full satisfaction
  • Compared potential vendors’ ROI, ability to meet needs, and potential for in-house solution
  • Worked closely with Connect First to gain full control and understanding of contact center and data
  • Gained full data access through reporting, dashboards, configuration control, and API integrations
  • Improve call reporting and history to maintain important customer service information
  • Take control over contact center software, data, and daily operations
  • Enhance customer service quality, improving overall operations and empowering further growth and success

Without control, the issues only grew

Most troubling, the call center service had exclusive control over their software and any changes or updates that needed to be made. For CaptureNet, that meant even minor changes to the platform required a call to the vendor and cooperation from their dedicated IT team. With inefficient processes, a lack of usability, and a continuous struggle to get the results they needed, the company had a hard time maintaining the level of service they desired.

“We were struggling with getting the data we wanted, and for us, the data’s a huge part of the process. We essentially make every decision based off of those various valuable data points,” Amber Kirkpatrick, VP of Operations, said.

CaptureNet knew they needed to take control of their contact center technology to maintain the quality of service they were committed to offering. They compared multiple vendors, looking for an option that would provide the capabilities they needed while also giving an adequate return on investment. Upon finding Connect First’s contact center platform, they knew they’d found the solution they’d been looking for.

Affordable, practical, and everything they needed

Connect First offered a solution that was both affordable and profitable. With features that allowed them to meet their operational goals and a significantly higher return on investment than competitors, this software was the answer CaptureNet needed.

With the decision made, the company implemented Connect First’s real-time dashboards, transparent reporting, comprehensive configuration control, and complete data access. With complete control over their software and a refreshingly user-friendly interface, CaptureNet experienced significant improvements.

“Being able to partner with Connect First has allowed us to take back ownership of the process at the highest level. It’s allowed us to improve our customer service since we now own the technology and can make decisions where we’re not held hostage — that’s the best thing we’re getting out of the relationship,” Kirkpatrick said.

We were struggling with getting the data we wanted, and for us, the data’s a huge part of the process. We essentially make every decision based off of those various valuable data points.

Amber Kirkpatrick, VP of Operations

A partnership that works

Since partnering with Connect First, CaptureNet no longer loses calls and information. With increased access to their data and system controls, they’ve been able to use their most important metrics to support decision making and streamline processes. Best of all, Connect First’s support has been even better than anticipated.

“Their resources have been fantastic — the team is extremely responsive and helpful,” Kirkpatrick said.

Connect First’s hands-on support team worked hard to provide a smooth implementation process, despite an unexpected change in directorship midway through the process. Although the implementation team had already trained Kirkpatrick and her partner, they volunteered to train the new director as well to ensure all relevant players were up to speed on the new platform.

With the contact center platform needed to maintain CaptureNet’s high-quality customer service, increase patient engagement, and continue innovating, Connect First has provided the freedom and control they were looking for.

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