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Finding unparalleled success with a new contact center platform

Based in Staten Island, CareerConnectLive is a marketing and advertising firm that connects students with companies, higher education institutions, and individuals that offer quality career opportunities. As a direct service company, CareerConnectLive relies on high-quality customer care and contact center capabilities to keep up with their high volume of incoming calls.

  • Connects students with higher education institutions and potential career opportunities
  • Presents corporations with performance-based marketing opportunities specifically designed to reach qualified students
  • Offers resources, information, and community options to empower consumers to reach their goals

  • Easy implementation process and best-in-class support
  • Tripled call rate
  • Reduced average call time from 10 to less than seven minutes
  • After a year in service, they have maintained their highest uptime — 99.999%
  • Compared multiple contact center solutions to Connect First
  • Found and implemented features that best fit their needs and expanded their services
  • Worked with Connect First to plan for system integration and customize the solution for their needs
  • Find a solution that was easy to use, affordable, and met their customer service needs
  • Improve call times, customer experiences, and operational workflows
  • Eliminate high maintenance costs and need for constant system repairs

Lost revenue and endless frustrations

CareerConnectLive had originally hired a large vendor to manage their inbound calls, but experienced continuous issues and limited success. During their two years with this contact center provider, the company ran into several issues with the system and its ability to meet their needs.

After numerous attempts to solve these issues, including flying a representative in from the company, CareerConnectLive reevaluated their contact center and current software. They quickly realized they were losing money to the system’s high maintenance costs and lack of capabilities. It was clear their vendor wasn’t the solution they needed and it was time to find a better fit.

Going above and beyond

After an employee recommended Connect First, the team contacted the cloud-based, suite-style contact center software company and compared it against several other options. With Connect First’s focus on reliability, performance, and scalability, they were easily shown to be the right choice.

As CareerConnectLive began implementing the new contact center solution, they were amazed and impressed by the range of tools available. Despite the large number of possibilities, the company was pleased to find that it remained user-friendly and required no additional hardware.

“What most companies don’t expect is that a system with so many options can be so easy to set up,” said Alex Levy, CTO. “But after the planning and the preparation, the downtime was minimal and the system was up and running within hours. The system’s open APIs made it easy and reliable to integrate and we had a solid solution running in just 45 days.”

Call times have also improved, which is something that nearly every Connect First client will discover. It’s not unusual to see call times reduced from 10 minutes to less than seven minutes in most cases.

Alex Levy, CTO, CareerConnectLive

The perfect fit - a solution that keeps on giving

As a customizable solution, Connect First also enabled the company to find and implement the features that would serve them best through their web-based administrative interface. With pricing and support that are “second to none,” according to Levy, Connect First showed time and again they were the right choice.

CareerConnectLive continued to experience success through Connect First’s extraordinary solution. They used reporting tools to analyze and improve operations. The new contact center solution also offered capabilities such as live agent chat, cloud routing, and interactive voice response. With these new tools, they soon saw increased customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and new growth.

Since implementing Connect First, CareerConnectLive has enjoyed reporting capabilities better than anything they’ve experienced in the past. After over a year of working with the contact center platform, they’ve maintained an uptime of 99.999% — the highest in their history. They’ve tripled their dial rate and their list management and answer rates have drastically improved.

“Call times have also improved, which is something that nearly every Connect First client will discover,” Levy said. “It’s not unusual to see call times reduced from 10 minutes to less than seven minutes in most cases."

CareerConnectLive turned to Connect First because they needed a solution that would meet their needs without draining their resources. They’ve continued to use and promote the Connect First platform because they’ve met and exceeded CareerConnectLive’s contact center needs.

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