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Tripling dial rates and reducing call times by going with the right vendor

CollegeBound is a leader in online education marketing. The company is one of the most trusted resources in higher education. Serving more than 1,000 institutions, CollegeBound offers recruitment and lead generation solutions and has an excellent track record of using content-rich portals and innovative marketing strategies to find educational opportunities for potential students.

  • CollegeBound Network is a leader in online education marketing
  • Currently serves 1,000+ institutions and offers recruitment and lead generation

  • CollegeBound tripled their dial rate with a full suite of efficient outbound dialers
  • “Reporting tools are significantly better in every way”
  • Call times reduced from 10 minutes to less than seven minutes
  • Presented a multitude of tools including a comprehensive suite of outbound dialers, an intelligent ACD system, responsive cloud routing capabilities, powerful IVR-building technology, and live agent chat solutions
  • Real-time and historical reporting tools and extensive customization options
  • Provide abundant, award-winning support for crucial contact center operations

  • A communications platform with stability, performance, and ability to scale
  • Superior customer service to support critical contact center operations
  • Ability scale quickly and an easy, streamlined setup

After one vendor failed, it was back to the search for growth support

Business was booming for CollegeBound, a network dedicated to connecting students with higher education institutions. Call volume was increasing and more visitors were discovering and accessing their many resources.

After identifying their need to scale, unfortunately CollegeBound went with a contact center vendor who couldn’t live up to their promises. Two years, many unsuccessful adjustments, and multiple fruitless vendor visits later, the new system continued to perform inefficiently.

CollegeBound realized they were losing revenue rapidly as a result of the system’s high maintenance costs and lack of capabilities. The search for a new software provider was on.

What most companies don’t expect is that a system with so many options can be so easy to set up. But after the planning and the preparation, the downtime was minimal and the system was up and running within hours. The system’s open APIs made it easy and reliable to integrate and we had a solid solution running in just 45 days.

Alex Levy, CTO, CollegeBound

Going with a trusted partner to increase reliability

Wanting to go with a cloud-based platform, a CollegeBound employee suggested a vendor they’d successfully worked with in the past — Connect First, whose platform is well known for its stability, performance, and scalability.

CollegeBound contacted Connect First and a few other vendors to conduct a side-by-side comparison and quickly realized Connect First was the clear winner.

The Boulder-based company brought a multitude of tools to the table, including a comprehensive suite of outbound dialers, an intelligent ACD system, responsive cloud routing capabilities, powerful IVR- building technology, and live agent chat solutions.

Combined with their real-time and historical reporting tools, extensive customization options, and the promise of an easy, streamlined setup, CollegeBound had found the right partner to help them increase customer satisfaction and gain new operational efficiencies.

Once they learned of Connect First’s abundant, award-winning support, however, the company was sold. Because CollegeBound’s contact center operations are central to its success, the company requires superior customer support, with adequate resources to respond quickly when questions or issues arise. Connect First’s dedicated Customer Success Manager and 24/7 support — with an average ticket response time of under two minutes promised exactly the level of support CollegeBound’s growing operations demanded.

Focus on the crisis, not the software

“CollegeBound’s dial rate has tripled since taking on Connect First, and the reporting tools are significantly better in every way,” says Alex Levy, CTO, CollegeBound. “List management has changed dramatically, as have the answer rates. Call times have also improved, which is something that nearly every Connect First client will discover. It’s not unusual to see call times reduced from 10 minutes to less than seven minutes, in most cases.”

As for Connect First’s competitive pricing and support, “They’re second to none,” says Levy, and after a year in service, the system remains robust and extraordinarily stable.

Thanks in part to the Connect First system, these prospective college students can now start the process off on the right foot; in a simple, efficient, and productive manner.

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