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Finding dramatic improvements in agent downtime and productivity with CF Agent platform

iPacesetters offers contact center and customer service solutions for organizations across the country, including large clients such as major telecom providers. With a high volume of calls, the company required a strong collaboration between its team and software to adequately meet client needs.

  • iPacesetters provides performance-based contact centers to companies and organizations
  • Engages with customers through high-quality customer service interactions
  • Offers sales campaigns, audience management, lead generation, database marketing, and online directories

  • Huge reduction in downtime — from 1,000 hours of agent downtime in a month to 100
  • Improved call quality and reduced number of reports of sound issues
  • Provided agents with an improved onboarding experience and ease of use

  • Implemented CF Agent in contact centers around the country
  • Replaced microSIP with CF Agent’s integrated softphone
  • Moved from Internet Explorer to Chrome for system use, with improved usability and results

  • Find a more efficient solution to reduce agent downtime and improve productivity
  • Use software with an integrated softphone to eliminate the use of a microSIP
  • Improve call, audio, and overall customer service quality

The softphone capabilities they’d been looking for

iPacesetters' previous software lacked the softphone feature needed to connect with customers, so iPacesetters utilized a free online microSIP as an affordable replacement. This application was difficult to use, however, and often caused dropped calls, poor audio quality, and a significant increase in agent downtime.

For Sarah Lawes, Sr. Director of Workforce Management & Analytics at iPacesetters and someone who has been with the company for three and a half years, the microSIP also caused continuous headaches within her work. To add to the inefficiencies, their internal scripting only ran on Internet Explorer and frequently lost their system settings, forcing contact center supervisors and administrators to reconfigure the settings before agents could begin taking or making calls.

“Our microSIPs were unreliable at best. The call quality was just awful,” Sarah said. “The calls would drop and the agents would get logged off. The settings would change, it’d go in and mess with their passwords. There was just so much going on with the microSIPs.”

The issues with their software were costing iPacesetters an estimated 1,000 hours of agent downtime every month and wasting valuable time for Sarah and other contact center administrators.

iPacesetters had already been using Connect First’s products for several years. When Connect First unveiled their new platform, CF Agent, iPacesetters knew they’d found the solution they need and wanted to migrate to it right away. CF Agent’s integrated softphone was the most important feature for Sarah and the iPacesetters team and the results were exactly as they hoped.

“The integrated softphone was the big selling point,” Sarah said. “Once we got in there and tested it in the first two sites and saw the huge improvement in agent downtime, then it just took off. We instantly saw the improved productivity.”

The new softphone offered a significant increase in call and audio quality — so much better, in fact, that some agents had a hard time telling when the call was finished. The lack of static, dropped calls, and audio issues was a relief for the team, as well as their clients and customers.

“The integrated softphone is amazing, the call quality is amazing,” Sarah said. “There are so many good features about it.”

The integrated softphone is amazing, the call quality is amazing. There are so many good features about it.

Sarah Lawes, Sr. Director of Workforce Management & Analytics

Reducing downtime from top to bottom

Once using CF Agent, the benefits quickly became apparent. Unlike the old system, which constantly forced Sarah and contact center supervisors and administrators to restore the correct microSIP settings while agents waited idle, CF Agent was ready as soon as agents were, improving productivity and significantly reducing agent downtime.

“We knew coming off that microSIP and going to your integrated softphone was only going to be a benefit,” Sarah said. “Now our agents spend less time working with the configurations and more time actually working with the dialer and moving through the scripts.”

With CF Agent, iPacesetters experienced a 90% reduction in agent downtime, going from 1,000 hours of downtime in a month to just 100. For one contact center, in particular, their 100+ hours of agent downtime in a month decreased to less than five, greatly improving agent call time, customer service, and client experiences.

“Don’t wait to join Connect First. Just do it.”

Since switching to CF Agent, Sarah has seen the positive effects the new software and Connect First have had on her and her team. With such drastic improvements in productivity and call quality, they know they made the right decision.

“I’d say if you’re thinking about moving to Connect First, don’t wait, just do it,” Sarah said.

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