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Improving contact center efficiency with agent & admin ease-of-use-platform CF Agent

iPacesetters offers contact center and customer service solutions for organizations across the country, including large clients such as major telecom providers. With a high volume of calls, the company required a strong collaboration between its team and software to adequately meet client needs.

  • iPacesetters provides performance-based contact centers to companies and organizations
  • Engages with customers through high-quality customer service interactions
  • Offers sales campaigns, audience management, lead generation, database marketing, and online directories

  • Moved all agents and contact centers to CF Agent and eliminated need for multiple platforms
  • Significantly improved software usability and results
  • Better customer service, increased call volume, and improved support

  • Implemented CF Agent into contact centers around the country
  • User-friendly software allowed total integration for 680 agents over three months
  • Platform’s ease-of-use allowed company-wide integration with no formal training

  • Find a more efficient contact center solution to improve productivity
  • Improve software capabilities and ease of use
  • Migrate contact center systems to a single platform

So easy to use, no formal training was required

Though their previous software met their basic contact center needs, it was difficult to use and required multiple supporting applications to offer all of the necessary capabilities. Agents struggled to find relevant information during customer engagements and were often forced to reconfigure settings before they could begin making and taking calls.

Sarah Lawes, Sr. Director of Workforce Management & Analytics, has been with iPacesetters for three and a half years and spent much of her recent time struggling with disparate contact center solutions. The issues with their software were costing the company hours of agent downtime every month and wasting valuable time for Sarah and other contact center administrators.

iPacesetters had worked with Connect First for several years and knew their newest product, CF Agent, was the answer to their needs.

As Sarah and other administrators at iPacesetters began implementing the new CF Agent software, they were quickly impressed at the platform’s usability and simplicity. While training agents at one of the first locations on how to use CF Agent, Sarah stepped out to take a call after training just a few agents. When she rejoined the group a few minutes later, these agents were up and running and already had a number of additional agents on the platform and ready to take and make calls.

“After that, we just sent a link to the software to the other contact centers,” Sarah said. “They said, ‘It’s easy, we don’t need you to train us.’ There really was no formal training.”

The remaining contact centers were able to implement the software themselves, significantly reducing training time and the amount of work needed from Sarah and additional platform administrators. Within three months, all of their contact centers and nearly 700 agents were trained and using CF Agent without significant agent downtime or any major hurdles.

“It's a breeze to navigate through, there's really nothing to it. It just goes,” said one iPacesetters agent.

It's a breeze to navigate through, there's really nothing to it. It just goes.

iPacesetters agent

Significantly improved efficiency and brand new capabilities

As iPacesetters began using CF Agent, they quickly saw improvements. The new platform was incredibly user-friendly, allowing their agents to begin making and taking calls as soon as they arrived at their desks. By eliminating the need to reconfigure their software as they had to do in the past, their contact centers saw increases in call volume and overall call quality.

Easy access to agent call metrics, including calls placed and call history, also allowed agents to view and track their performance and incentivised them to personally improve their performance levels. Agents could now access information about past calls on their own, eliminating the need to ask management for it and allowing administrators to focus on more important issues.

CF Agent also offered internal chat rooms, a brand new feature for the iPacesetters team. For the company’s virtual teams, in particular, these chat rooms significantly improved their internal communications. This feature provided a new way for supervisors to communicate goals, coach agents, and send other important messages to their teams throughout the day. As part of Connect First’s platform, this chat feature was more secure than using an outside messaging app, giving teams more freedom in the messages they sent. With this easy, secure access to team members in any location, iPacesetters was able to improve workflows and increase positive interactions.

Everything they need — in one location

For Sarah, CF Agent and Connect First’s unmatched support has made a noticeable improvement in their work and the results they produce. The platform has also allowed them to finally keep all of their systems in one single location.

“I love that we’re on Connect First now. It makes our jobs fantastic,” Sarah said. “We had Avaya and various other systems — and it was horrible. Now we’re on one platform, all in one place, and we go to one place for support.”

Rather than working with their internal team to fix any issues that arise, as required by the old platform, Sarah and system administrators now connect directly to Connect First’s support team.

“They’re really good about getting back to you right away, any time you’ve got a question or an issue,” Sarah said. “I don’t think any of our other vendors have ever been like that, in all the years I’ve been here."

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Reducing agent downtime by 90%

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