Keep Your Call Center Protected and Compliant

Get higher efficiency and enhanced productivity in your contact center with Connect First's TCPA Compliant Dialer. TCPA compliance is a must in certain call centers and industries — the Connect First SAFE Dial product can help your contact center stay compliant through human intervention, risk aversion, and intelligent technology.

SAFE Dial - TCPA Compliant

Compliance Comes Standard

Extensive rules and regulations demand a solid compliance plan. Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is made simple with the Connect First SAFE Dial solution, avoiding TCPA violations and keeping all your campaigns in adherence with industry regulations. TCPA law aims to safeguard consumer privacy by setting restrictions around telemarketing and the use of automated dialers to cellular telephone numbers. On-demand tools are the best defense against regulatory issues — additional features like full national and state DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubbing, along with frequent cell phone list scrubbing, call monitoring, and whitelist management can work together to keep all your campaigns fully compliant with industry and governmental regulations.

What Does TCPA Compliance Look Like? A TCPA-compliant solution must be entirely segregated from auto-dialing equipment, and calls can only be made if an agent manually clicks the 'Dial' button. A compliant solution does not have the capacity to dial, store, or produce numbers to be called in a random, sequential, or predictive manner.

Due to the controversy surrounding compliance in this area, Connect First offers a functional solution that allows contact centers to remain legally compliant while still utilizing platform tools that allow for efficiency and ease of use.

Our TCPA SAFE Dial feature has been reviewed by an independent third party, who has confirmed that our solution is not an ATDS (Automatic Telephone Dialing System), that it does not have the capacity to perform as a predictive or automatic dialer, and that it is a completely independent product, unable to functionally interact with our standard communications platform.


“Safe Dial platform is both technically and physically isolated from any Connect First automated dialer option. Agents cannot access any ATDS features while logged in to the Safe Dial platform, and vice versa. Further, the Safe Dial platform requires human intervention in order for agents to preview the next calling record, select the number to be called, and dial such number. Thus, the solution requires manual dialing of each telephone number, while also providing the features, functionality, and reporting necessary to maximize agent productivity.
Connect First meets the industry standard of diligence by removing all Safe Dial “potential capabilities” of dialing in an automated fashion through technical limitations and customer contracts. In the opinion of CompliancePoint, Connect First’s Safe Dial solution provides the industry with a balance of functionality, reporting, and ATDS-related risk mitigation.”
— Ken Sponsler, CIPP Vice President, CompliancePoint, Inc.

Effortlessly Avoid Litigation

Our advanced search and quick search features allow for comprehensive date/time record control. Quickly and precisely look up where and when any call was placed, and use that information to check against carrier records if call origination ever comes into question. We also offer a known litigator list scrubbing service to keep you safe from known parties who attempt to lure call centers into dialing cellular telephone numbers in order to sue for consumer protection violations.

Maintain TCPA Compliance

Connect First's SAFE Dial mode adheres to TCPA regulations by providing business compliance through human intervention, risk aversion, and intelligent technology. TCPA violations are common in the call center industry — don't risk your contact center’s operational safety with dialer solutions that skimp on legal coverage.

Enhance Agent Productivity

Most TCPA solutions out there are inefficient and cumbersome and can slow your agents down. Other solutions might be more lightweight, but don't fully support compliance. Get higher efficiency with Connect First's simple, compliant click-to-dial solution and experience increased agent productivity while mitigating risk.

Increase Operational Efficiency

The Connect First SAFE Dial solution provides comprehensive defensible record-keeping and requires no additional hardware to activate. Its interface is similar to standard Connect First dialers, so you can save time and costs on agent training, and agents can switch from standard dialers to SAFE Dial with just the click of a button.

The Connect First TCPA SAFE Dialer. Built Safer.

At Connect First, we're known for our reliability, stability, functionality, and service. Our dedication to creating superior call center software is reflected not only in our platform's unmatched performance, but also in the small but important details we obsess over so you don't have to. Our TCPA SAFE Dialer is just one example of our commitment to providing you with solutions that elegantly address real challenges in your business. Staying compliant in a world of ever-changing rules and regulations can take time and effort. Let us take the time and effort off your hands with our unique, tailored solutions to TCPA compliance — and beyond.

Technical Details

  • TCPA compliant
  • Non-ATDS certified
  • Cell Phone scrubbing and re-scrubbing intervals
  • Internal and global whitelist management
  • Litigator scrubbing
  • Standalone dialing module
  • No random or sequential dialing capabilities
  • Human intervention required to place calls
  • Custom cloud API integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Integrated Manual Dialing